Climate Scientists in search of melting ice in Antarctica forced to evacuate because of too much ice

Oh the irony:

(DailyMail) — They went in search evidence of the world’s melting ice caps, but instead a team of climate scientists have been forced to abandon their mission … because the Antarctic ice is thicker than usual at this time of year.

The scientists have been stuck aboard the stricken MV Akademik Schokalskiy since Christmas Day, with repeated sea rescue attempts being abandoned as icebreaking ships failed to reach them.

The expedition is being lead by Chris Turney, a climate scientist, who was hoping to reach the base camp of Douglas Mawson, one of the most famous Antarctic explorers, and repeat observations done by him in 1912 to see what impact climate change had made.

It is thought that the group, which includes scientific researchers and a journalist, will now be able to escape by air after two sea rescues failed.

Australian icebreaker Aurora Australis was unable to reach them because it was not strong enough to break through.

Not only was there too much ice for the team of scientists to make it to their base camp because of too much ice, their rescuers couldn’t make it either.

Despite record high levels of CO2, the greenhouse gas climate activists claim is responsible for the Earth getting warmer…even though it hasn’t gotten warmer since the late 1990s.  Instead of warming, the globe is posting record cold temperatures and fewer extreme weather events.


Any Thoughts?

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