Margaret Sanger: It’s more humane for women to not have babies

According to the Guttmacher institute (pro-abortion group), abortions are committed for matters of sheer convenience.

why abort

Note less than 2% of abortions are committed because of rape and incest.

Planned Parenthood has been able to convince a good many people that abortion is a trivial portion of their business.  They tout only 3% of their services are actual abortions.  However, this number is highly misleading.

pp-pregnant-servicesWhile it might be true that the actual abortion procedure constitutes 3% of services, that doesn’t include all the preliminary visits and procedures related to that abortion.  Despite boasting a mere 3% of services being abortion procedures (however, 91.5% of pregnant women Planned Parenthood serve gets an abortion), it actually accounts for a large portion of their annual income.  Planned Parenthood’s 2011-2012 Annual Report documents 333,954 abortions, and its own cite estimates that an in-clinic abortion costs between $300-$900 (the abortion pill costs roughly the same).  Do the math, even if we take a low average cost of about $450 per abortion that calculates out to $150,279,300 (at an average of $600 the revenue generated from that 3% spikes to more than $200 million per year).  Follow the money.

Planned Parenthood isn’t in the business of women’s health.  If they were, then laws making it harder to get an abortion wouldn’t have much of an impact on their bottom line…since abortion is only 3% of their services, right?  Why then does Planned Parenthood have to close up shop when these laws are instituted?  Why can’t they survive on providing women’s health?

Because abortion is their bread and butter and it always has been.

pp services


  1. Note: John Barron still insists that a woman who is raped must have her rapists child.

    Thank the gods we don’t have a far right fringe minority of zealots trying to install a totalitarian theocracy here in the US, what would the Founding Fathers think of that?

    They seemed to have expressed great disdain for such zealots.

    • Note: in civilized societies we shouldnt kill children because their fathers are criminals.

      The founding fathers banned abortion.

      • I can only imagine that is the abundant use of rape in the bible that allows for far right radicals to so easily over look such an immoral act like rape.

        Your idea of what constitutes a civilized society is radically different from the majorities idea, thankfully.

        The founding fathers banned abortion? In which Article/Amendment?

        Weird right? No mention of abortion or any gods…..

        And then that pesky Treaty of Tripoli in which the Senate voted unanimously, Adams signed, and no public outcry….not a peep. The Framers of the Constitution 20 years after ratification all got on board with:

        “As the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion”

        Th treaty was printed in full in the largest newspapers and periodicals in the country……….and not a word of derision.

        • If yoy want to get into a debate using the founding era documents, youll lose, badly. Second, each state outlawed abortion. Try looking it up first.

          • I will lose badly?
            Each state outlawed abortion, and it continued to happen, and then the SC ensured that individual liberty over 30 years ago.

            Huh, that’s weird, abortion is legal, ………I wonder why?

            I guess I don’t lose after all.

            • Just because liberalism took hold long enough to allow mothers to kill their children doesnt mean much.

              You invoked the founders. If you want to discuss their views of abortion and christianity, your views wont be found in their mouths. On that field, you will lose. They will not validate your sense of “liberty”.

    • Thank God we don’t have too many fools like R. Nash running the country, or morality would be just another punchline for those who have none.

      God bless the woman who, at the very least, brings to term the child conceived by rape. Such a woman has something else Nash lacks: honor and a true concern for another human being.

      Honesty is also in short supply for Nash and those like him who cannot understand the gravity of a situation such as pregnancy, whether by rape or otherwise, that he would pretend defenders of life seek a theocracy rather than simply a culture with some semblance of human decency. Yet another quality not in Nash’s vocabulary.

  2. It never ceases to amaze me how those who support abortion, or the notion that people should have fewer babies, never do much in the way of encouraging abstinence and sexual self-discipline. The surest way to prevent pregnancy is to avoid engaging in the very act designed by God (or nature, for heathens like Nash) to produce another human being. But then, logic isn’t required for such people.

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