Planned Parenthood gives award for increase in abortions at facility

Supporters of the right to elective abortion and Planned Parenthood often tout that only 3% of their ‘business’ is abortion.  This number is, of course, misleading.

Planned Parenthood Annual Report 2012-2013

Planned Parenthood Annual Report 2012-2013

However, of the women who get services from Planned Parenthood because they’re pregnant, there’s another story to be told.  A full 93.8% of services to pregnant women related to pregnancy, is abortion.  5.6% is prenatal care, and a mere 0.6% is adoption referrals to outside organizations.


pp services 2013

A former Colorado Planned Parenthood employee snapped a picture of an award her facility received for exceeding the number of abortions from the previous year.  It seems kind of odd that an award would be given for increasing the number of performed abortions if it wasn’t core to their operation.

abortion award

But abortion is vital to Planned Parenthood.  That’s why whenever a new law is passed restricting the ease of elective abortion, clinics close up shop, fast.  Despite boasting a mere 3% of services being derived from actual abortion services, it actually accounts for a large portion of their annual income.  Planned Parenthood’s 2012-2013 Annual Report documents 327,166 abortions, and its own cite estimates that an in-clinic abortion costs between $300-$950 (the abortion pill costs roughly the same).  Do the math, even if we take a median average cost of about $600 per abortion that calculates out to $196,299,600.  Follow the money.


  1. What a horrifying thing to be rewarded and recognised for.

    On the one hand, I wonder about the psychology behind people who do stuff like this.

    On the other, I have the complete heebie-jeebies and rather want to throw up.

    • Kunoichi

      Remember the thought processes of the majority of abortion supporters don’t view abortion as anything more than removing a tooth, or tumor. They don’t think anything of it.

      However, I am inclined to think people who work in the abortion industry know exactly what abortion does, and what it is that’s being aborted. They see the final “product” of the abortion. This makes that kind of recognition all the more horrid.

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