Oops! After voter ID law passed, minority turnout increased

Many on the political left decry the attempted implementation of voter ID laws requiring voters to produce photo identification when they vote.  These laws are an attempt to reduce the number of minority voters, since so many minorities either don’t have, or would have difficulty obtaining a valid photo ID, they say.  Setting aside the fact that implying that minorities aren’t capable of getting photo ID — which is required for dozens of social transactions — is itself a tad racist, the voter turnout in North Carolina actually increased after the law was enacted!

In an amicus brief filed by Judicial Watch in a case where the Justice Department is seeking an injunction in North Carolina to prevent the law from being in effect, a study was commissioned and found no ill effects to voter registration or turnout among minorities.  In fact, the increase in minority voter registration and turnout was substantial.

It should be safe to admit that requiring a photo ID in order to vote does not have a disparate impact on minorities as warned by the political left.  It’s something many American voters do every year, including myself.  My state requires a photo ID to vote, and I’ve never felt encumbered, nor have I ever heard of anyone wishing they could vote if only they could just get a photo ID.

Unless you’re trying to cheat, why oppose ensuring that the person casting the vote is who they say they are?

voter turnout

voter turnout 1

voter registration

voter registration 1



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