Charlie Hebdo is a rape victim

By now everyone has heard of the Muslims who exacted revenge for what they considered blasphemy of their prophet on the satire paper Charlie Hebdo. Three masked men opened fire on and killed 12 people, only some of whom were “culpable” for the alleged crime. The social media response to this wasn’t as surprising to me as it might be to some. Many people actually blamed the editors for the incident.

Some say they brought the attack on themselves, knowing how volatile the Muslim response would be. The editors and cartoonists knew they were rattling a hornets nest by publishing the controversial cartoons.

There are still many in the public vision who blame terrorism on the West’s perceived treatment of Muslims and Muslim nations. They claim there wouldn’t be Muslim terrorists if only the United States would cease occupying their nations. There would be Muslim terrorists of only Israel would just cede their land.

OK, I get it. People believe that the acts of terror are exclusively responses to provocation. Then I think to myself: where have I heard this before?

“No means no”, “it doesn’t matter if she wore a short skirt”, “it doesn’t matter if she was being a tease…no woman deserves to be raped”.

I agree, no woman deserves to be raped. But where is this sentiment regarding Charlie Hebdo? Many of the people pointing the finger of blame on Charlie Hebdo, are the same people who decry blaming rape victims.

What could cause this bit of victim blaming hypocrisy? How is it that a woman can wear whatever she wants and never be held even partially responsible for her attack, yet a newspaper doesn’t have the same liberty of provocation? I’ll tell you what it is. Political correctness and the fear of being labeled a bigot.

No one wants to be called a homophobe, or a racist, or even an Islamophobe. Intolerance is the scarlet letter of the modern American society.  Being labeled intolerant or racist today is akin to being branded a witch in the 18th century.

It’s dangerous to speak the truth about Islam.  People are forced, out of fear, to turn their eyes and make excuses. Like the battered woman who pleads with you that you don’t really know him. He isn’t always like this.

It’s unfortunate. These violent Muslims are actually following the example and dictate of their prophet and no one will admit it. I have seen few people who even allow themselves to educate themselves beyond what the Muslim apologists offer. They accept it. They have to. If they were to look into the “Religion of Peace” they’d have to lie. They’d have to lest they be branded a witch.

Victim blaming has no merit. Whether is the woman wearing sexually provocative clothing or a satire paper printing controversial cartoons. Place the blame where it belongs, at the feet of the attacker.


  1. All the fault lies with Islam. Period. Anyone who says otherwise is a completely ignorant fool.

  2. You won’t get an argument here.
    My liberal friends have been surprisingly on-side on this issue so far. Not that I expected them to unanimously lean one way or the other, but must are in agreement with you on this issue.

    • George, I think most people are on board. It’s a small minority who blame the paper, but they’re out there and are vocal. I thought it suspect that those same people would be highly offended if one implied a rape victim should choose a different wardrobe.

      One thing that came to mind also is how this stance also smears the people they’re partially defending. They are in essence saying that Muslims are so prone to violence and easily provoked that they can’t help but to be violent. So because they can’t be trusted or expected to behave, cater to their sensibilities. Like giving in to a tantrum prone child.

  3. John,

    I think your analogy is sound. And while I agree with those who suggest that the actions of CH invited the attacks, I don’t believe it justifies them at all. These terrorists scumbags ARE tantrum prone children with all the rationale. But we should never give in to such. Greta van Sustern suggested that ALL media everywhere print the cartoons and articles that have incited the insane to act, as both a statement of solidarity against it, as well as a “so now what are you gonna do” challenge. It’s bold, so it won’t happen. But it should. We need to be in their face and then be prepared to head them off with deadly force should they seek to act against it.

    In the meantime, I just read of an Egyptian leader calling for reform of islam to deal with the worst of their community. Let’s see how long he lives.

  4. What bothers me also are journalists that explain that Muslims in France can’t assimilate and feel oppressed because France is so secular. So they survive in small cultural neighborhoods and latch on to extremism. France needs to tell them don’t come to our country then. And France should entertain a last ditch effort of blocking immigration from Muslim countries.

  5. Oh more on John’s comments about rape. It’s true national rape cases sometimes feature a sexual promiscuous person. And sometimes the discussion is lost about safe sex and not dressing a certain way and staying in female groups, etc because of the feminists. In the same way this new civil rights movement is only focusing on the failure of some cops and not also balanced with issues in our community like family values, single parenting, education, small business, etc. The old civil rights was undergired with peaceful religious principles and had end goals of becoming more self sufficient. This new movement is only about revenge, bitterness and feeling victimized.

  6. Great insight.

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