Triumphant Return…Maybe

What can I say, I still hold dear my desire to opine about all things controversial.  Lucky for me, the religious, political, and social environment in which I find myself has never been juicier for thought fodder.

That being said, I’m going to make an effort to begin anew here on Sifting Reality.  One thing I’d like to ask anyone who still checks in, or stumbles here via some blog feed, toss out some subjects, questions, complaints, or requests to get my mind flowing again.

Lastly, to anyone who has commented over the last couple years, I’ve decided its so much easier to trash and start again, its vastly difficult to sift the spam from the legit.  I apologize if you had an amazing point.  with any luck, you’ll remember it and offer it again!




  1. Welcome back!

  2. wiley16350 says:

    Nice to see that you’re back

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