Euphemism: A Weapon of Mass Destruction

The key to holding the minds of the masses is to control the narrative in which they are immersed.  Essentially, so long as you are able to rhetorically direct people in the direction you want them to head toward, you can make them think anything.

Take the recent legislation the governor of New York triumphantly signed into law legal permission for an abortion for any reason prior to 24 weeks, or, up to the point of birth if a healthcare professional (not necessarily a doctor) believes its in the best interest of the health of the mother.  It’s the latter provision which allows the abortion up to birth.  The “health” of the mother is so broad that it essentially umbrellas everything: emotional, psychological, financial, etc.  It could literally mean anything.

New York isn’t the only jurisdiction taking this extreme measure.  Extreme is an understatement if ever there was one.  Legislators in other states are now rushing to jump  on the band wagon: New Mexico, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Virginia are introducing, have introduced, or have ratified similar measures.

What was once considered unthinkable, even to pro-abortion choice advocates is now being joyously signed into law and protected by the government.  Regardless of the self-delusion that a pre-birth baby isn’t a human being, a person, alive, or whatever it needed to not be in order to end a pregnancy; one thing used to be agreed upon: at some point it was wholly morally unacceptable at a certain point of pregnancy because there was no denying what it was you were killing.  Well, no more.

How do we get to such a place?  I’ll tell you.  Euphemisms.  Once you cloud a concept in language that not only strips it of all its honest content, you can pretty much get away with calling it the opposite of what it is.  Abortion is the intentional taking of a human life. That’s not what we call it though.  We call it healthcare, reproductive healthcare, reproductive rights, choice, family planning, womens’ rights, and much more all in an attempt to quiet the conscience.

This isn’t the first time we’ve used euphemistic rhetoric successfully before.  During World War 2 the Nazi party quickly shifted the public opinion on the Jews in order to garner the acceptance and support of exterminating 6 million of them.  In the 18th and 19th century the same tack was used in America in support of slavery.  And we are doing it now with abortion.  Have you ever thought about why there exists so much flowery semantics concerning abortion?  Why so many different way in which to reference it, none of which actually describe the procedure?  If the issue were as benign and pedestrian as pro-abortion choice advocates claim, why not call it what it is..especially when we don’t do it for other medical procedures.  We know why.  You can’t risk the waning of public support, then where would you be?

UPDATE: The governor of Virginia is now on record advocating for “abortion” after a live birth. I had previously predicted we would be debating post-natal abortion somewhat tongue in cheek. I didn’t actually expect political progressivism to fulfill the prophesy so quickly (I gave it 20 only took 6). I weep for this country.


  1. This is what evil looks like. Those who bristle at such talk insist evil must look more monstrous…like the classic look of the devil or of demons. Evil must be obviously…blatantly…maniacal before the word “evil” can justly be applied. But the perversion of language to gloss over the reality of a deed is no more than a rhetorical “wolf in sheep’s clothing”. Worse, it is Satan transforming himself into an angel of light in order to deceive and lead astray. And it provides cover to those who insist upon engaging in that which leads to this “choice”. They’ve already made moral immoral sexual behavior, now they must make moral the means by which they deal with the consequences of having engaged in that behavior.

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