If there's one piece of "religious" fabric which is most woven into general non-religious life it's that of Karma.  Or at least what people believe to be Karma.  Getting what one deserves, the cosmic justice from the impersonal punishing people for one's selfishness, thievery, etc.  As with many … [Read more...]

How you choose religion

I have always been curious as to the method people use to choose their religious convictions. For some, they are born into a family and remain in the tradition. This is probably the case for most people. Some -- albeit relatively few -- will weigh the claims of competing faith traditions and … [Read more...]

American Idols

The following comes from a post from American Creed: Christians have many idols they worship, along with claiming to worship God.  One idol in particular encapsulates this duality in Christian worship.  This idol that steals the affections of Christians from the one true God, especially in the … [Read more...]

My concerns about Roman Catholicism

Every so often when the discussion of which religious groups "qualify" as Real Christians®, Roman Catholicism will eventually be brought up.  Though the Bible allows for leeway in regards to some aspects of religious practice (Romans 14), too much variation inevitably places a religious … [Read more...]

In Whose Image?

In at least two conversations on the subject of religion in the past week for rejecting God, the reason was that God is merely a projection of the self onto an imaginary representation.  In other words, the qualities and attributes of the God people believe they worship aren't really the attributes … [Read more...]

The Days Of Old (Genesis Creation)

Of the many issues that create barriers between Christians (usually) and skeptics is the age of the universe and the Earth.   Within the Christian camp there are two factions: Young Earth Creationists (YEC) -- the universe and Earth are thousands and not millions or billions of years old.  And Old … [Read more...]

Inclusively Exclusive

One complaint about Christianity made by skeptics is the pettiness of a God who would condemn people to eternal punishment simply for not believing in the right God/adhering to the right religion.  Of course, that's not necessarily true (See: Just Where Do You Think You're Going?), though it is a … [Read more...]

Infinitely Finite

It wasn't long ago that I was listening to a Christian apologist's radio call-in show when an Atheist protested what he considered to be the biblical view that people spend an eternity in hell.  It has been my experience that Atheists tend to offer poor objections to Christian doctrine generally … [Read more...]

Jesus Scored A Touchdown…Maybe

Tim Tebow is known for at least two things: a curious football success and, being an outspoken Christian.  Tebow uses every opportunity to voice his Christian faith, and has at times caught some negative attention for it.  In response to former Denver Broncos quarterback, Jake Plummer's criticism of … [Read more...]

That’s Just Your Interpretation!

"That's just your interpretation!"  This objection to arguments either for or against religious assertions is bandied about by both religious skeptics and religious adherents who disagree on certain ideas -- as if it actually means anything.  This objection carries some widely held presumptions.  … [Read more...]

Some Sin Required

We all have aspects of reality which our worldview either does not fully answer, or we are uncertain about.  In Reconciling The Circularity, I shared my impression that the concept of reconciling real or apparent inconsistencies in the Bible presupposes there is a reconciliation, and additionally … [Read more...]

Are You A Real Christian? (This Is Not A Test)

As I spend more and more time on the internet discussing religion, I realize there are many impressions people hold of what others should believe in order to rightly claim affiliation with any particular faith system.  Specifically when it comes to Christianity, a good many people believe they can … [Read more...]

Speak Now, Or Forever Hold Your Peace

Since becoming interested in Christian apologetics, there has been one drawback that I was not anticipating.  Having spend countless hours studying biblical theology I have come to certain conclusions on rather controversial issues.  I am able, I believe, to discern between true ideas and false … [Read more...]

Reconciling The Circularity

I hold to my religious conviction pretty strongly.  But like everyone else, I have some unanswered questions.  There are gaps in my certitude.  I don't find this to be a problem with my worldview or my convictions.  I'd like to make the subjects of the next few commentaries some of the gaps in my … [Read more...]

Let’s Talk Shop

Christianity's critics have no shortage of complaints.  They offer many reasons for rejecting religion, some are understandable, some are unreasonable. But what about when those reasons are shown to be based on a faulty understanding of what it is they are rejecting?  Of the Atheist's I encounter … [Read more...]

GaGa For God

Lady GaGa is quite the performer.  She has a commanding stage presence and demands attention where ever she goes.  I'm not a fan of her music.  Not out of protest, but I don't listen to much music, and the music I do listen to is of a different genre.  I had recently read a headline reporting that … [Read more...]

The World Is Full Of Awfulness

The problem of evil is perhaps one of the strongest arguments against the character of a God who is described as loving and powerful.  Skeptics challenge Christian theists with this objection in an effort to show an inconsistency between the description of God as presented in the Bible and what … [Read more...]

Here Come Da Judge

The oft quoted and ever misinterpreted Matthew 7:1, the infamous "judge not" passage is arguably the most recognizable passage in the Bible save John 3:16.  I can understand why non-Christians are ignorant of the passage's meaning since I do not expect them to read the Bible in a meaningful way.  … [Read more...]

Smoke And Mirrors

I thoroughly enjoy reading points of view which are hostile to my own. For the entertainment value; to get an insight to what the "other side" has to say on an issue; and of course--blog-fodder.  One of the best sites for opposing points of view for me is the Huffingtonpost.com, it provides all … [Read more...]

Eeny Meeny Miny Moe

There are two sides to the "Do you take the Bible literally?" challenge.  The first, addressed in Speak Your Mind, Literally, addresses the issue of differentiating between literal and non-literal Bible passages and identifying figures of speech apart from a historical or biographical narrative.  … [Read more...]