Finders Keepers

It is a widely believed notion that the Founding Fathers of America were mainly Atheists, Agnostics, and Deists.  So widely believed that the idea is taught in most major universities.  This "fact" about the Founders usually makes it's way to the discourse when the phrase "Christian Nation" makes … [Read more...]

Religion is Peace?

I believe there is a tendency for a good many people to assume all religions are basically equal, in terms of message. For example, that all religions teach the Golden Rule in one form or another, and that common thread is what defines each religion. With the embedding of religious pluralism and … [Read more...]

Laying Down the Law

Is the Christian is required to keep the Law, more specifically the ten commandments?  It is my position that, no, Christians are under no obligation to keep the Law of the old testament.  On its face this is  a controversial notion, but hopefully upon closer examination it should be clear and will … [Read more...]