The Prudence of “Islamophobia”

Leading up to and including this weekend there will be no shortage of opinions on both sides of the "Islamophobia" discussion.  There are many people still harbor strong emotions against the ideology that is responsible for nearly 3,000 deaths which rekindle every year on the anniversary of … [Read more...]

Christianity…Is Unconstitutional

Those of you who follow news and politics on a national level are aware that the state of Oklahoma put on November's ballot State Question 755 for consideration by the citizens of Oklahoma.  The measure passed with overwhelming support, 70.08% in favor of amending the state constitution.  The ballot … [Read more...]

Jesus “Art” Exibit Creates Outrage

In Loveland Colorado, an art exhibit is creating a stir over a controversial painting depicting Jesus in a sexually explicit context.  The skeptical sloganeers regularly cite how violent religion is, that religion breeds violence in its adherents.  Is this true, does religion promote violence?  The … [Read more...]

Fanning the Flames

The small church in Florida, the Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, pastored by Rev. Terry Jones has created a fire storm (pun intended) of controversy surrounding the recent decision to burn copies of the Qur'an on the anniversary of the World Trade Center attacks on September 11, … [Read more...]

Religion is Peace?

I believe there is a tendency for a good many people to assume all religions are basically equal, in terms of message. For example, that all religions teach the Golden Rule in one form or another, and that common thread is what defines each religion. With the embedding of religious pluralism and … [Read more...]

Do Differences Matter?

I came across this picture not long ago and I think this exemplifies the attitude most people hold about religion, even many believers of the particular religions.  I am surprised at how many Christians have abandoned the exclusivity claims traditional Christianity teaches.  Emphasis on a generality … [Read more...]