An Al Franken moment in Wisconsin

Some 14,000 ballots mysteriously “found”  wrestling an almost certain victory away from Dem Supreme Court hopeful JoAnn Kloppenburg.  ” a Republican county clerk admitted Thursday night that she’d overlooked 14,000 votes in her district.” which give the Republican incumbant a 7,582-vote lead over Kloppenburg.

Election fraud is no laughing matter. One thing that sets America apart is its citizens are intimately involved in its own government.  The “sanctity” of our elective process should be protected at all cost.  To think that for want of power a politician or political party would sacrifice the public confidence in one of its most cherished institutions–free unhindered election.

I’m not going to be so quick as to point the finger accusingly at the Republican county clerk and declare election fraud.  I’ll wait to see the evidence to make my decision.

Of course this incident is making headlines for a couple of reasons.  For one, this election has heavy ramifications for the Wisconsin Governor’s new collective bargaining restrictions for public sector unions.  But this news raises eyebrows for another reason. 

These suspicious circumstances are usually attached to Democrats.  Remember back to Al Franken’s victory in the 08 Senate race in Minn.?  Franken recounted until he won.  Amazing how each recount yielded more and more votes until a victory was secured.

Or what about the bag of uncounted ballots found in Bridgeport Conn. that turned up at just the right time.  Now Governor Malloy was no doubt elated to hear that a stash of uncounted votes were found with just enough votes for him to usher in the first Dem Governor in Conn. in two decades.

Not to mention ACORN pleading guilty to charges of voter registration fraud in Nev.  ACORN is no stranger to voter registration fraud.  The community organization has a long history of attempting to bilk the American public out of free and fair elections.

So is this too a case of “creative” election oversight, or an innocent oversight?  We will see.


  1. Terrance H. says:

    That article is misleading, John. From what I head, the ballots were not found, but finally reported to the press properly.

    The ballots were counted and delivered to the clerk and to the state, but not to the Associated Press. They press got bad numbers. No fraud here at all.

    • That sounds about right. As biased as this sounds, Republicans are not known for the shenanigans of this kind, this is a Liberal tactic. It’s the “It doesn’t matter if we cheat, the people don’t know what’s good for them, even though they don’t know it, they need us, it’s for the good of the country” mentality. The biggest surprise was that it wasn’t a story involving Dems.

      • Terrance H. says:

        The Democrats do this all the time when Republicans win. They toss around baseless accusations.

        The votes were tallied and counted by the clerk; a computer error gave the wrong numbers to the Associated Press. Once the error was discovered, the ballots were recounted and recounted again in front of both Democrats and Republicans, then delivered to the state and the Associated Press.

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