What makes all human beings equal?

This seems like a rather mundane question to some, but one everyone needs to have an answer to. It has profound implications politically, sociologically, and religiously. I think it is fair to say that the great majority of us believe all human beings are equal -- not necessarily in social status, … [Read more...]

The Sociology Of Trayvon Martin

The premature death of a teenager is always a tragedy.  Unfortunately, some have used this tragedy to further their political agenda (See: The Politics Of Trayvon Martin), while others use it to stay relevant.  I think people are legitimately upset about Martin's untimely demise.  However, I am … [Read more...]

The Politics Of Trayvon Martin

Since the shooting death of Trayvon Martin by neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman, outrage and sorrow has been expressed by everyone regardless of race or political affiliation.  And rightly so.  I am concerned however, that the tragedy of a teenage son is being exploited for political … [Read more...]

If I Were The Devil

This is a recording of Paul Harvey from a 1965 broadcast that is currently making its way around conservative blogs.  In it Harvey lays out his plan, if he were the devil, for America in order to dismantle it.  I have to say, it's quite eerie how many of his "predictions" we find present in America … [Read more...]

Irony lost on local Atheists

(Bay News 9) -- Atheists in Polk County symbolically scrubbed away at a major highway leading into the county Saturday. The were removing a blessing placed there a year ago by a group of religious leaders. Brooms, mops and water hoses in hand, the atheists gathered at the roadside. "We come … [Read more...]

Mr. Potato Head Religion

Spirituality is far more popular than religion -- it sells more books anyway.  It often is deeply entrenched with, or overtly pluralistic.  Stepping up to the spiritual buffet line, the spiritual-but-not-religious person chooses from a smattering of the  world's religions from which they choose … [Read more...]

Well knock me over with a feather

The people of which political philosophy is the most intolerant of their opponents political views?  Well, Pew Research has finally surveyed social network users in this area to find out and, knock me over with a feather, liberals are nearly twice as likely to block, hide, or unfriend someone over … [Read more...]

Pregnant? How’d That Happen?

Having spent a great deal of time in discussion with abortion advocates and defenders, I have noticed a recurring meme that seems to be a foundational flaw in the reasoning of many of their pro-choice arguments.  Where many pro-choice arguments trade on a false understanding on what the fetus is … [Read more...]

Bartender I’ll Have A Standard, And Make It A Double

I wasn't going to offer my thoughts on the Sandra Fluke controversy figuring the market would be over-saturated on the issue by the time my readers read my thoughts.  Putting aside that Fluke has greatly exaggerated the cost of birth-control, or the notion that a college student is somehow required … [Read more...]

The April Fool

I am by nature a prankster. This post is a bit premature but I like to get on things early. I remember an April fool's Day prank I pulled on my daughter, then 9 years old.  When she woke up that morning I told her we were going on a trip to the aquarium today instead of school, she loves the … [Read more...]


I ordinarily do not post with the sole purpose of promoting websites or blogs and it is not likely to become a habit.  A friend of mine, a university student, has started a website called Musician-Connect.com for musicians and music lovers.  My reason for doing this is two-fold.  First, I don't know … [Read more...]

Keeping it classy

Andrew Breitbart died earlier this morning and his political opponents are certainly setting the bar for decorum.  The Blaze has already compiled some of the most vile tweets following the news of his passing. @darrenfiorello: Andrew Breitbart died? Is it wrong that I’m happier about that than when … [Read more...]