Trayvon Martin and Abortion

It is difficult to surf the internet without coming across articles or social media sites cheering the arrest of George Zimmerman for the death of Florida teen Trayvon Martin.  I have been taken back by how much publicity this has gotten — making daily national headlines, and how passionate people are to see “justice” for Trayvon Martin.  So many were outraged that Zimmerman had not been arrested sooner.  People who don’t even know Martin, people who appear as though they have a personal stake in the outcome of this case.  This got me thinking about what I consider a close parallel.

Some defenders of abortion criticize pro-lifers that “[T]hey are the very same people who will not support after-school care, or food stamps,  or other programs meant to elevate communities of color.  Suddenly, they’re concerned about black children quite frankly prior to birth, but could care less once they arrive.” (Ludwig Gaines – Planned Parenthood)  This is not a new criticism, and it’s not limited to only black children aborted.  Abortion advocates and defenders have been making this claim for decades: dead babies are preferred to unwanted babies .  Even I have been accused in the past of only caring about the baby while it is in the womb.  So why is this parallel?

I have had many problems with the way this event has played out (See: The Lynching of George Zimmerman, Some facts about the Trayvon Martin case).  But how do those most incensed of protesters justify their outrage for Martin’s death, but not the thousands of other victims?

These torch and pitchfork carriers for Trayvon Martin are conspicuously silent on the real epidemic: The vast majority of blacks murdered, are murdered by other blacks to the tune of 93% (See: The Sociology Of Trayvon Martin).  Like the accusation that pro-lifers are only concerned about babies prior to birth, the Trayvon Martin Justice Warriors seem only to care about dead black teens when they are killed by non-blacks.  How else do we account for the selective outrage?  I’m not suggesting that Martin’s death is not worth lamenting over, but it’s disturbing the degree of nation wide acrimony which has been on display for this one among thousands killed each year.  It seems to be oblivious to them just how disingenuous it comes across to the disinterested observer.  It truly is straining the gnat and swallowing the camel.


  1. TerranceH says:

    You’re describing liberal hypocrisy. It’s as common as the color green, dude.

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