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Liberal policies failing before our very eyes:

(Inverster’s Business Daily) — More workers joined the federal government’s disability program in June than got new jobs, according to two new government reports, a clear indicator of how bleak the nation’s jobs picture is after three full years of economic recovery.

The economy created just 80,000 jobs in June, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported Friday. But that same month, 85,000 workers left the workforce entirely to enroll in the Social Security Disability Insurance program, according to the Social Security Administration.

The disability ranks have outpaced job growth throughout President Obama’s economic recovery. While the economy has created 2.6 million jobs since June 2009, fully 3.1 million workers signed up for disability benefits.

In other words, the number of new disability enrollees has climbed 19% faster than the number of new jobs created during the sluggish recovery.

(Sifting Reality) — [The] failure of increased spending in an effort to lift people from poverty is seen in real-time.  President Obama has increased spending on welfare programs at mind-boggling rates.  For instance, food stamp spending is up 100% since Obama has taken office which — coupled with looser standards for qualifications — has seen an increase of 50% of participants of the program, and even spends money on advertisements promoting them.

Sexual proclivity trumps First Amendment:

(Star Tribune) — A Wisconsin man who wants to hand out Bibles at the 40th Annual Twin Cities Pride festival in Loring Park this month will have to confine himself to a booth just outside of the event.


Johnson, an evangelical Christian and taxidermist from Hayward, said in his lawsuit that he has distributed Bibles at the annual event since 1995 and that he had no problems until 2009, when the organization refused to rent him a booth after an exchange about his views on homosexuality.

Johnson and his family planned to walk through the 2009 event distributing Bibles, but festival officials told them they weren’t welcome, his suit says. A police officer allegedly told Johnson that the park was “private property” that day, and Johnson was arrested when they didn’t leave. The charges were dropped.

Festival planners sued the Park Board in 2010, seeking an injunction that would head off Johnson’s plans to return to the festival, but lost when U.S. District Judge John Tunheim ruled that a broad restriction based on the content of Johnson’s speech would violate his rights under the First Amendment. He returned to the festival.

Seeking to head him off in 2011, Twin Cities Pride and the Park Board reached a settlement agreement stipulating that the board would set up booths in the park but outside of the festival area for people excluded by the festival planners. All literature distributed inside the festival area must be done from booths approved by Twin Cities Pride. But the organizers also agreed to set up an unattended “drop zone” inside the festival where anyone could leave information. The agreement does not bar anyone from walking through the festival to share their views with willing listeners.

Man, Christians are so intolerant.

UPDATE: Johnson was able to get a last-minute temporary injunction to allow him free access within the event.  Just the fact that he had to jump through legal hoops to exercise his First Amendment rights is a sad state of affairs.

Muslim U.S. Congressman Andre Carson calling for U.S. schools to be modeled after Madrasas:

“America must understand that she needs Muslims”

More Atheist temper tantrums:

(Pennlive.com) — For more than a year, Prudhomme’s Lost Cajun Kitchen in Columbia, Lancaster County has offered a Sunday special: Diners who bring in a current church bulletin receive 10 percent off the purchase of their dinners.

But, the promotion has rubbed some people the wrong way, including John Wolff of Manheim Twp., Lancaster County, an atheist and member of the Freedom From Religion Foundation.

Wolff, who said he’s never been to Prudhomme’s, recently filed a complaint with the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission claiming the 22-year-old restaurant should not give discounts based on religion. “I bear them no ill will but they shouldn’t be pushing religion,” Wolff, 80, said.


Prudhomme, who does not attend church due to her work schedule, said she told the group she operates an independent restaurant and suggested non church-goers can pick up bulletins from any church and bring them to the restaurant to cash in on the discount.

No one is pushing religion.  But even if they were, this is a privately owned business and they can offer any discount they deem good for business.  No one is being discriminated against.  It’s just that some Atheists hate religion and the religious so much they can’t stand to see it in public.  Which makes them bigots.

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(H/T: Taxes, Stupidity, and Death)

Why isn’t this racist?:

(nhpr.org) — Actor Morgan Freeman discussing President Obama:

“First thing that always pops into my head regarding our president is that all of the people who are setting up this barrier for him … they just conveniently forget that Barack had a mama, and she was white — very white American, Kansas, middle of America,” Freeman said. “There was no argument about who he is or what he is. America’s first black president hasn’t arisen yet. He’s not America’s first black president — he’s America’s first mixed-race president.”

Aparently President Obama’s blackness has been tainted by white blood.  Coming from a conservative or anyone who isn’t black this would be considered so racist they should lose their job.


  1. I just love the job stats!!

    I read about Johnson’s problem, and it is a rank travesty what he had to go through.

    How did that Muslim become a Congressman? By votes from ignorant people.

    So now an atheist, who never eats at a place, can dictate who they give discounts to? I’ll bet he preaches “tolerance.”

    Freeman didn’t say anything more than what I have been saying about Obama not being America’s first black president. In fact, it is racist to say that he is!

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