On the road to Utopia

I snapped these photos whilst out and about not long ago.  It really sheds light on the mindset of the person who would re-elect President Obama to a second term given the abysmal conditions with which we find our nation.  Mind you, the bumper stickers have been on this vehicle for at least three years.  Try to look past the irony of the “GO BY BIKE” sticker on a gas-guzzling, environment killing motor vehicle.


obama utopia

I guess of you’re still on the road to Utopia, technically there’s still a chance you’ll get there… right?
I sent these to LegalInsurrection.com because they post crazy liberal’s bumper stickers.


  1. Oh – that’s funny!!!!

  2. You know that bike advocates don’t necessarily think that ALL car usage is morally wrong? That it’s possible to drive a car some while simultaneously advocating for increased bicycling and walking?

    It’s an imperfect world, we should try to take steps towards a better society, even if those steps are imperfect along the way. I’m sure you could agree with at least the concept of promoting a better, more ideal world?

    What some call “Utopia,” I call “The Kingdom of God…” and taking gentle steps in that direction is a good thing, seems to me.

  3. The problem, Dan, is when you try to bring the Kingdom of God through public policies that find their origins within the gates of hell.

    Social welfare/Universal healthcare- promotes the theft of private property (through the threat of government gun) to subsidize those who are slothful. This particular public policy uses sinful tactics to subsidize sin. That social welfare incidentally benefits some people who are truly down and out and not slothful is no justification to violate God’s Kingdom principles.

    Abortion on demand- murders innocent children. Abortion murders children and supporters of abortion know it. Abortion turns doctors into murderers for hire. Advocates employ lies to cover up the deadly truth.

    Same-sex “marriage”- denies the sovereignty of God by redefining an institution he established. This public policy also encourages the sins associated with sexual promiscuity, which spread diseases, turn men into effeminate wimps, lead to mental disorders and increase suicide.

    Environmentalism- moves well beyond the Dominion Mandate to be God’s stewards of the planet and enters wholeheartedly into the realm of idolatry where the worship of the creation replaces the worship of the Creator. This particular violation of God’s Kingdom principles uses government violence to steal the wealth of people and deny them their quiet enjoyment of their property.

    Right now, we are not called to bring the Kingdom of God to earth. God has established nation-states and their governments to restrain evil in the world. (Romans 13.) We are called to use civil government as God’s minister for good not evil. Liberalism’s secular humanist public policies do not do that. They instead bring great evil. Liberalism is the twin brother of secular humanism that thumbs its nose at the sovereignty of God.

    By accident or design, liberalism is antithetical to Kingdom principles and to liberty. By accident or design conservatism lines up more readily with Kingdom principles. Conservatism is not the end all be all for utopia. Too many conservatives themselves reject the sovereignty of God (S.E. Cupp is an example). In the end, these types of conservatives can be just as bad for liberty as liberals.

    Liberals do not necessarily want to bring harm with their public policies. I believe that God has placed eternity within the hearts of everyone. But, liberals have rejected the right knowledge of God for an image of him crafted to their own liking. Their godless philosophies have fueled wicked public policies. Their wicked public policies (i.e. social welfare, gun control, endangered species act, private property confiscation, hate crimes laws) have led to many social ills.

    Instead of bringing the Kingdom of God, liberals have created hell on earth.

  4. Fantastic, DogTags.

  5. Yeah, except I didn’t say any of that and it’s a totally off topic ad hom attack with a mashup of false statements and idiocy. But otherwise, really fantastic.

  6. DogTags

    I find your speech reflects your own egocentric point of view.

    You say that social welcare helps the slothful and “incidentally” the truly down. I think that it is the other way round and what you say is an excuse to avoid helping the needy. Surely, after Matthew 25:41-45 you would say something like: “Hey! It was your fault! You were an sloth!”.

    In my opinion, you spoil the enviroment because your own egoism, avoiding seeing futher than the end of nose. I don’t care about environment because of worship, but because our actions on it affect all of us. In the past human activity wasn’t so relevant but nowadays it is.
    For example, if you eat too much tuna fish you can have a mercury poisoning, due to human contamination.
    Another example related to the subject: you don’t need a high consumption all terrain vehicle to drive only through a city. It spends more gas making it unneedledly more scarce and more expensive for all of us.

    I think you are clearly egoist when you “sacralize” your property and “demonize” paying taxes for the common good. It seems your speech is about “me, me, and, of course, me”.

  7. ISU, first of all you do not have any helpful arguments in your post. By calling me an egoist, you have not refuted my arguments.

    Secondly, You missed the whole point on social welfare. It doesn’t matter who is benefited more by social welfare. Social welfare by taxation is immoral. A person cannot confiscate his neighbor’s wealth to feed the poor, so he cannot hire his government to do it for him.

    Thirdly, how do you account for your placing a moral standard on me? By what moral law are you appealing? You demand I not drive my “high consumption all terrain vehicle” through the city. You demand that I do not waste gas. You demand that I do not think of my property as my own. You demand I do not think of myself. To what standard of morality are you demanding I adhere?

    My premise is that God made it all and therefore his rules apply to everything, including social welfare, voting, private property, gun control, the environment etc. If you do not start with the premise that God is the lawgiver, you cannot get to a universal standard of morality for me to follow.

  8. DogTags

    First of all, I must point out that it wasn’t my intention to refute your groundless assertions (what you call “argumentations”) but to express my opinion about their real source: your egoism.

    Secondly, taxation is a social issue, not a personal one. There is nobody hiring a mercenary group. Your lie is a pitiful excuse than you conveniently apply only to your particular interest, whereas it is extensible to all taxation.

    Thirly, I didn’t talk about morality, nor did I make such demands. There is a clear difference between higher taxation and forbidding.
    Taxation doesn’t deny private property. If you spread the lie that it does, why don’t you apply it to all taxation?

    I know that your political premise is theocracy (well, I think only God’s rules that are convenient for you). While we are on our own, mine is democracy.

    I don’t trust human written laws as God’s laws just because they say they are so.

    • Actually Isu

      Taxation can lead to forfeiture of property. In some states if you refuse or are unable to pay property taxes on your car or home or other tangible taxable assets, the government can seize them and auction them for the owed taxes.

  9. Actually John

    Taxation always lead to forfeiture of property, since money is also property.
    The point is that if you use an argument against a particular taxation on the basis that it “steals” your property, the same argument should be extended to all taxation.

  10. Is there any point to having a conversation with ISU?

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