Are Democrat Politicians just bad with money?

The debt has increased under President Barack Obama’s watch by 60% to $16 trillion.  As bad as that is, it seems that it’s a problem which seems to follow Democrats.

(Politico) — [The] Democratic Party ended the 2012 cycle with a debt of $21.5 million, according to a new filing with the Federal Elections Commission.  The committee’s latest report shows the DNC paying down nearly $700,000 of their post-election debt  — which shrank to $20.7 million.


Earlier Wednesday, the RNC announced it had raised $6.9 million in January, with $7.1 million in the bank. The committee retired the last of its outstanding debt at the end of 2012.

So the Republican National Committee is sitting on a $7.1 million surplus while the Democratic National Committee is suffering from $20.7 million in debt.  But it doesn’t stop there.  Eight of the top ten States with the best economies are also Republican led.

  1. North Dakota (R)
  2. Wyoming (R)
  3. Nebraska (R)
  4. Utah (R)
  5. Iowa (R)
  6. Alaska (R)
  7. South Dakota (R)
  8. Vermont (D)
  9. Virginia (R)
  10. Minnesota (D)

I would say it’s a coincidence but eight of the top ten States with the lowest unemployment rates are also Republican led.

  1. North Dakota (R) 3.2%
  2. Nebraska (R) 3.7%
  3. South Dakota (R) 4.4%
  4. Iowa (R) 4.9%
  5. Wyoming (R) 4.9%
  6. Oklahoma (R) 5.1%
  7. Vermont (D) 5.1%
  8. Hawaii (D) 5.2%
  9. Utah (R) 5.2%
  10. Kansas (R) 5.4%

One more category to round out the lists: The best States in which to do business.  Of the top ten best States in which to do business, all ten are led by Republicans.

  1. Texas (R)
  2. Florida (R)
  3. North Carolina (R)
  4. Tennessee (R)
  5. Indiana (R)
  6. Virginia (R)
  7. South Carolina (R)
  8. Georgia (R)
  9. Utah (R)
  10. Arizona (R)

I think I’m seeing a trend.


  1. That’s easy. Yes!

  2. It is true. Liberals are really bad at basic economics.

  3. Demokrats only know “spend” – they have no clue what “save” means, and they think credit never has to be paid back. Sort of like college students nowadays.

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