Perhaps the govt shouldn’t give advice on what’s best to defend one’s self

This man beclowns himself every time he opens his mouth.


  1. Too funny!!! What is really stupid is telling the lady to go out and let loose with both barrels to scare the guy, but when he sees both barrels empty he’s coming at you!

  2. I would not allow my wife to use a 12 gauge shotgun.They’re too dangerous. You seen in the video the woman fired it, and it kicked up and the barrel was pointed at her head for a split second. What if it had gone off again? She would have been dead – instantly.

    They’re much too dangerous for unqualified people. And that includes me. I’m not qualified to handle a 12 gauge. Not even close.

    Biden is just an idiot.

    • I’ve got a 12 gauge, short barrel version. I took my wife out to the range so she could familiarize herself with it (she’s already darn good with the .30-.30). She actually had no problem with it. Of course, I taught her how to hold it, etc; the women in the video didn’t seem to have a clue and weren’t even prepared for a kick. STUPID!

      • Glenn

        I’m willing to guess that the women in the video were “set up” by their men for the humor of it. They do look unprepared. Having said that, unless women are willing to train and familiarize themselves with the mechanics and physics of the shotgun, they’ll get one shot off and fumble.

  3. And nice cameo at the end of the video, John…

  4. … to say it is easier to handle than an AR-15 is asinine.

    So is everything else Doh! Biden says.

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