Open Thread — United States, 1984

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As much as I hate conspiracy theories, it’s difficult to dismiss that there has been a conspiracy afoot by this president’s administration.  Between targeting reporters who reported on the Fast and Furious scandal; the IRS targeting conservative applicants for tax exempt status; now we’re finding out that the NSA has been monitoring Verizon Wireless customers.  I hate to say it, but we are living in an era where we need to be cautious of our government.  Things everyone would say “that would never happen” are happening.  Why is our government so thoroughly monitoring its citizens?


  1. It’s not a conspiracy… it’s an agenda.

  2. Don’t forget about all the data mining of CHILDREN that will be going on with Common Core. Remember the iris scans of children this week? Parents weren’t even informed?

  3. We can’t say we didn’t know. Obama and his cronies were known to be solid Clower-Piven guys

  4. paynehollow says:

    You find it necessary to not trust your gov’t during THIS administration but not during the Bush administration when we were invading countries, engaging in torture and spying on our own citizens? How about during the Reagan/Bush years when we were invading countries, committing war crimes, ignoring World Court decisions and overthrowing dictators secretly, spending hundreds of billions of dollars (secretly) to do it?

    That you only are concerned when it’s a black, more liberal democrat in the presidency raises concerns that you are speaking more from a rather petty partisan point of view, not a concerned citizen point of view.

    Obama’s worst stuff he’s doing is only a continuation of Bush policy (and admittedly, much I disagree with). Many of your concerns have no ties to the Obama administration.

    By all means, be wary of your gov’t. But don’t isolate it to relatively innocent Democrat presidencies when the GOP presidents have demonstrated the real disregard for basic decency and the Constitution.

    People picking on a Dem president who has been comparatively scandal free and seeing an “agenda” and “conspiracies” only makes people sound nutty and irrational and partisan.

    ~Dan Trabue

    • You really think its because hes black huh. You only see race. You sir are a racist.

      I could give you a list but youd just give excuses for them. Its a waste.

    • Dan Trabue – typical far left liberal who thinks any criticism of Obamanation is racist. But then, as a far left liberal, Trabue sees nothing wrong with Obamanation’s socialist agenda, or his totally anti-God immorality supporting abortion and homosexuality.


      Bush had no policies to turn America into a pansexual wasteland, nor did Bush support unrestricted abortion, nor did he pander to Muslims to the loss of security of this nation, nor did he want to give illegal immigrants front-of-the-line citizenship to get their votes, etc, etc, etc, etc.

      Liberals like you remind me of the Scarecrow on Oz – “If I only had a brain!”

  5. paynehollow says:

    Fellas, if you’ll read the words that I actually wrote, maybe you’d get a better understanding of what I actually mean, rather than jumping on this one word and ENTIRELY missing the point of my post.

    Yes, I mentioned that Obama is black, along with liberal and democrat. And then, what did I say? I framed the rest of the comment in terms of him being a perceived liberal and democrat. Race had nothing to do with what I addressed to YOU. For some people, it is absolutely true that they can’t get past his race. But I didn’t point that out to you. Rather, I addressed your sad-assed, pathetic cultural blindness in that you are only complaining about these perceived problems (most of which aren’t even tied to Obama, factually) with the DEMOCRAT, but not with similar – but FAR worse – transgressions by his GOP counterparts.

    This makes you out to be hypocritical and foolish, not to mention childish and whiny, and impossible to take seriously.

    Grow up, gentlemen. ACT like men, not fussy little girls. With apologies to all the girls out there who are more mature and wise than these jokers…

    What cowards and intellectual pissants you two are.

    My apologies, but seriously…


  6. No “but seriously,” Trabue. You mentioned Obama’s race. Why? Did you mention Bush’s? Reagan’s? No. You were trying to say something without coming right out and saying it. Quit playing your games around here, buddy. We’re wise to your B.S.

    That’s the thing with you, Trabue. You’re one of the most dishonest commenters I’ve ever seen. Your constant criticism of conservatives is almost always utterly inappropriate and offensive – such as suggesting that John is a racist, which you absolutely did – and when that’s pointed out, you allude to these supposed nuances that are supposed to assure us of your good faith.

    You’re lucky this is John’s blog because if it was mine, I would have banned your ass a long time ago.

  7. Whoa…banned his ass a long time ago?
    Why? Because he’s a “librul?” (shaking head) tsk tsk, Terrance. Just unreal.

    What Dan Said…. here here and bravo.

  8. paynehollow says:

    I have no problem calling racist comments or people, “racist.” I’ve called you before, John, when you’ve made what I think are racist comments. If I wanted to call you racist, I would. You. Have. Missed. The. Point.

    Not only that, but you’ve missed the point and have evaded your own hypocrisy by engaging in an ad hom diversion. Again, I would suggest you all grow up. If you can’t take criticism, then just open up a little kids’ blog for you and your buddies to hang out and play cowboys and indians with your little toys.

    My point remains: You are criticizing a Democrat president for gnats while swallowing the comparable camels of the GOP presidents. This makes your claims hypocritical and impossible to take seriously.

    If you want to talk politics like the adults, then learn to do so like an adult.


  9. TheWarrioress,

    You’re another intellectually dishonest commenter. Like that charade you played awhile back. You know, when you pretended as though abortion isn’t actually child murder when the child’s father is a rapist. Pathetic.

    Yeah. You would have been gone as well. I have no tolerance for dishonest people. It’s not a “liberal” thing at all. Ask John. I had many liberals that commented regularly on my blog. I never banned them because they were honest. They didn’t lie or pretend to be something they’re not. You and Dan pretend, dissimulating your ragged ideology beneath a pristine Christian veneer. How many things do you stand for, I wonder, that is completely unbiblical. I know of a few already.


    As the great Ronald Reagan would say, “There you go again.”

    You said previously that your comment was misunderstood. That your referencing Obama’s skin color was, what? Parenthetical or something, as though it were necessary to remind us all. But now you say that you do believe John is a racist.

    You said,“I have no problem calling racist comments or people, “racist.” I’ve called you before, John, when you’ve made what I think are racist comments.

    Isn’t that why you dismissed his criticism with your comment, and then, for no apparent reason, mentioned Obama’s race? You were planting a seed, Dan. A seed you’ve planted before: that John is a racist and that his criticism of Obama is grounded in bigotry and should be ignored. This is what you want people to believe.

    You can play it off with your pathetic comment however you wish, but we all know what you were doing.

    Also, I find it curious that you would accuse John of overlooking the faults of President’s Reagan and Bush. How do you know John didn’t criticize President Bush? This blog is comparatively new, Dan. You have no way of knowing whether John criticized Bush during Bush’s term, so why are you bringing it up? Are you concerned because John doesn’t write about President Bush? Perhaps John focuses his attention on President Obama because, well, Obama is president! There is something to be said for keeping a blog, or any website for that matter, within the present decade! Wouldn’t you say?


    I’m upset with you. I think you’re a hypocrite. You are criticizing President Obama, but you’ve said nothing about Nero’s tyrannical rule of Rome. Something about gnats, geckos, camels, and koalas comes to mind. You heathen.

  10. So Dan is the first to mention race, and y’all are the ones obsessed with race, that just blows my mind.

    I can verify that Dan has no problem calling folk racists, or any other names for that matter.

  11. If you read Trabue’s first comment it is a direct claim of racism. That is the stock in trade of the Liberals, and how you know that you’ve won the debate. Yep, they pull out the “race” card because that’s all they have – and they are the true racists who have kept the black people in their “place” in the slums and on welfare and other enslaving entitlements so as to get their vote. Remember it was the Democrats throughout history who promoted slavery, who originated the KKK, who fought against the civil rights movement, who push “affirmative action” instead of merit-based selection for jobs, schools, etc. And yet those who speak against Democrats are the racists?!?!

  12. paynehollow says:

    If you read my words, I never brought up racism. You all did. Instead, I pointed to the whiny and hypocritical partisan nature of your complaints.

    Again, in the real world, I have no problem calling racist comments “racist.” If I wanted to call you racist, I would have.

    Here, I did not bring in racism. But maybe you all are protesting too much? Hmmm?

    “Direct claim of racism…”? I don’t think you know what that word means.

    So how about it? Will you confirm that you’re against this sort of behavior, WHOEVER is president – Dem or GOP, that you’re against it, not only Obama?

    Or are you all being basically dishonest and hypocritical?


    • Trabue, you are very, very dishonest:

      That you only are concerned when it’s a black, more liberal democrat in the presidency

      You stated that our concern is just because he is a black president. You added other qualifier of “liberal” but the fact that you started with the claim that our concern is because he is black (he is really mulatto) is a charge of racism.

      To now claim that you never brought up racism is a blatant lie. But that is usual for you.


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