Coat hanger pendant is a sick token of appreciation

Abortion fundraiser, DC Abortion Fund, whose purpose is to make funds available to mothers who can’t afford abortions on their own.  They are now offering a morbid token of thanks for donating $10 per month or more to the group: a coat hanger pendant for a necklace.

coat hanger

I am curious about something though.  We were threatened, yes threatened, that with the institution of more restrictions on abortion, we would see the return of the back alley abortion.  Well, I’m happy to report that over the last three years, there have been more restrictions on elective abortion passed by states than in the previous ten.

abortion laws

Many of these new restrictions require clinics to meet hospital cleanliness standards, require abortion doctors to have admitting privileges at local hospitals in case of emergencies, require mothers to be informed that abortion ends the life of a living human being, require mothers to hear the heartbeat of their child, parental notification when minors seek abortion, waiting periods so mothers don’t make a serious life changing decision in haste, etc.  Rather than submit to new sanitary standards and employing personnel who are professionally in good standing with area hospitals, abortion facilities instead choose to close their businesses, in record numbers no less.

Well, according to abortion activists, we have the perfect storm for back-alley coat-hanger abortion: diminished access, and increased restrictions (including prohibitions on later abortions).  All this and no reports of women dying from DIY abortion.

Could it be that all the alarmism is just hype designed to dishonestly foist an agenda?  Normally I’m not a fan of government regulation.  It usually involves needless interference where none should exist.  However, when it comes to elective abortion — taking the life of an innocent human being, which should be illegal — the law needs to be as obtrusive and hindering as possible.  And while these new laws may make the process more cumbersome and facilities harder to come by, they are not interfering for interference’s sake, they make sense.  The laws make it incumbent on the abortion provider to uphold safety standards and require that the mother is making the most informed “choice” possible.  Waiting periods prevent hasty life-changing decisions and requiring they meet hospital standards prevent the Kermit Gosnell “house of horrors” clinics defunct.  Opposition to restrictive legislation merely belies the claim that many abortion choice advocates make that they believe abortion be legal, safe, and rare.


  1. Yeah. Keepin’ It Classy. And who seriously cares what the Daily Beast says about back-alley abortions? They even oppose banning sex selective abortions.

  2. A sick token of appreciation for sick people.

    Years ago, one of my sisters attempted suicide by cutting her wrists. A close friend of hers soon after Sis’ recovery bought her a little golden razor blade on a chain. My mother was aghast. The friend was a joker and meant no harm, and Sis took it in the spirit it was offered, but still, it was totally in bad taste, even for one as myself, for whom bad taste can provoke extreme laughter.

    This coat hangar? Worse, because it symbolizes the taking of innocent life.


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