The Weather Channel founder: Global Warming is political

The founder of The Weather Channel, John Coleman, has released a presentation making the argument that the debate over global warming and climate change is driven by politics, not science.  As I’ve been arguing for some time now, there has been no increase in the Earth’s warming for nearly two decades.  Despite no trend in warming, climate activists are still pushing the idea that man is sending the Earth into peril with their dirty SUVs.


The notion of carbon credits and government spending to offset “carbon footprints” is largely aimed at shifting money from first-world countries to developing nations.  It’s a money scheme and a power grab.  When governments buy into the climate change hysteria, they enact more and more restrictions on their citizens.  Luckily, some countries are recognizing the lack of benefit in funding such flimsy science, the UK and Australia, for example.

Any Thoughts?

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