Pro-Choice is one thing, celebrating abortion is another



The University of Michigan is hosting an event celebrating abortions wonderful and glorious history.  ‘Sickening’ is the only thing that can describe this.

(CollegeFix) — Abortion – the “life-sustaining act” of the ages.

That’s the theme behind an exhibit currently on display at the University of Michigan dedicated to defending and glamorizing the history of abortion.

4000 Years for Choice is an exhibition of posters about the age-old practices of abortion and contraception as a means to reclaim reproductive freedom as a deeply personal and life-sustaining act existing throughout all of human history,” states a university webpage describing the exhibit.

The exhibit will be showcased through May 29 in the main lobby of the Lane Hall women’s studies building on campus. The exhibit consists of dozens of brightly colored posters with bold words, phrases and documentation meant to highlight and celebrate all the ways in which women over the millennia have performed abortions.

Once it’s clear to you what abortion does, it should cause you to reverse your pro-abortion choice view.  It’s bad enough to support the choice of a mother to take the life of her pre-born baby, I can almost understand that.  I understand that abortions are committed with a heavy heart, often with regret.  The prospect of having a child to raise for the next two decades can be a very daunting outlook for some.  But to take it a step further and celebrate abortion?  That’s literally abhorrent.

To revel in abortion…to embrace it…to find joy or happiness in abortion, I think, is evidence of deep psychosis.


  1. Chinese researchers, publishing in the peer-reviewed journal Cancer Causes and Control, found a 44 percent increased breast cancer risk after an abortion. It also found that the risk grew significantly with subsequent abortions – a 76 percent increase after two abortions, 89 percent after three. Will that fit on a t-shirt?

  2. I grew up in Michigan, attended the University of Michigan’s Flint campus, and have been a fan of their sports my entire life. This truly disgusts me, and proves how out of touch they are with their namesake. The people of Michigan are conservative-minded, but in recent years the U of M has gone off the deep end of liberalism. They seem to think that being the “Harvard of the Midwest,” and they are, entitles them to lose their damn minds.

    But no matter. Lately I’ve found myself rooting for Michigan State University a lot. Go Sparty!

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