Liberal memes debunked: welfare irony

welfare irony


Could this be true?  What if it is?  I found this on the Facebook page “Being Liberal” and they do a great job of playing fast and loose with actual facts.

The first implication is that white republicans think using food stamps (SNAP) is wrong.  Well, no they don’t.  They — I — don’t like it when the government makes it easy to be poor.  I don’t like it when the government creates policies which make people poor and stay poor.  I don’t like it when the government gives away hard earned tax dollars to people who really don’t need it and could be part of those hard earners.  So it’s not that white Republicans (whatever relevance race has anything to do with it since there are far more white people on welfare and food stamps in America) oppose people using welfare and food stamps, they oppose people who don’t need it and could be working instead.

owsleyBut lets look into the stats claimed.  The county is less than 200 square miles and has a population of only 4800 people.  It’s also one of the nation’s poorest counties.  This explains why it may have the highest usage of SNAP benefits at about 54% participation.

With such a small population, one has to ask what significance this number plays?  For example, 75% of the population in my household is female.  To get half of a very small number of people so poor that they need these programs isn’t that difficult, especially in a deeply isolated rural part of the country.  Is this worse than Democrat run metropolises who boast populations in the hundreds of thousands with a quarter of their populations receiving benefits?  I could argue that it is worse.

In Wayne county Michigan, where Detroit is located, nearly 30% of a 1.8 million population receives SNAP.  That’s more than a half a million people.  More than one in five of 8.3 million people are on the SNAP program in New York City.

Raw numbers are often times meaningful.  In this case, not so much.


  1. Run the numbers for Chicago sometime, highest homeless population in the country. Guess what party runs it?

    • Run the numbers for gun violence. Guess which city has the strictest laws.

      Thanks Gary.

    • Gary

      I become frustrated with how liberals operate in areas like this. They care, but that’s about all. Their policies designed to decrease poverty increases poverty. Policies designed to bring in more money to the government reduces intake. Policies designed to help minorities hurt them. When confronted with their results they accuse and point fingers instead of conceding. Instead of admitting the ideas didn’t work they claim it needs more funding.

      Do they care? Sure. But that’s about all.

  2. …since there are far more white people on welfare and food stamps in America

    This sounds like something a liberal would say in response to a Thomas Sowell column. Only, Sowell would have pointed out that while whites represent 80% of the population, only 38.8% are on welfare. He’d then mention that while blacks represent only 13% the population, a whopping 39.9% of them are on welfare.

    My point is that in a country where 80% of the population is one demographic, you can expect that demographic to account for the largest raw number of any government program. It’s no surprise whites collect the most welfare dollars. As well they should.

    It is surprising, however, that blacks collect nearly a third of it while representing only 13% the population. Such a success that Affirmative Action policy has been, ‘eh?

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