Progressive news sources

I found this image on a very Liberal Progressive social media page.  It speaks volumes…even if a joke.

news sources


  1. WideAwakeChristian says:

    Unfortunately that button reflects the “intellect” of many Americans, Their primary news source is Jon Stewart, which actually explains quite a lot.

  2. R. Nash says:

    Ahhh more mass judgements and generalizations. How helpful.

    Tell us john, does your “dismantling” of liberal/progressive meme’s show anything but your ultra right wing bias?

    You have an opportunity to debunk the bullshit on both sides of the fence, yet continuously choose to double down on one side. This in effect makes your voice on any divisive issue just another special interest, and predictable diatribe, and hence irrelevant.

    Fox news it seems, and it’s army of affiliated non-journalistic sources and bloggers already have this covered.

    Some of us don’t get our news from either source. Uh-oh, generalization seems to be inaccurate as well.

    • Nash

      You should look it up some time how many young millennials get their news primarily from the daily show. And again, the pic was from a liberal community. Think also that someone had the buttons made because they believed there was a large enough market for them. And think further back on how I said it’s a sad state of affairs even if it were simply a joke.

  3. The same goes for CNN. Since Larry King left it’s become more like E! Network.

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