Animals have right to live as much as any human…well, not any human

If you don’t know who Kendall Jones is, she is a teen who has recently ruffled some feathers by posing with African big game animals she’s hunted.  Well, one self-righteous anti-animal killing liberal compared the killing of those — or any animal — to murder.  In fact animals have the right to live as much as any human.  As soon as I read that tweet, I knew with certainty she didn’t mean any human.  I was as certain as I could be that she would not be pro-life when it comes to abortion, that’s why I asked, and I wasn’t disappointed.

jones murder

jones murder 2


Her reason?

jones murder 3

You see, the political left is fine with hypocrisy.  Bestowing human rights on animals, to them is a noble and compassionate cause.  However, the actual human growing in its mother has no rights.  On their pro-abortion, animals are people view, the very real living human being in the womb is valued even less than an animal.

Is there a word besides sick?

UPDATE: She tweeted this 5 minutes after this post:

jones murder 4


Update II:

jones murder 5


  1. “Animals have just as much right to live as any human leftist. All others may as well get cancer!”

    • how ironic that she is pro-abortion because some kids starve, are raped, and abused, therefore killing them is morally acceptable, actually preferable to those living conditions

      Maybe Kendall Jones was killing those animals because they might someday starve or be molested by some “lover” of animals.

      • Absolutely! You know, you may be able to kind of guess which kids may turn out to have a less than happy childhood, but there’s no telling which animal may be abused. Perhaps we should kill them all? Sounds pretty humane to me!

  2. LIbs use animal rights as a way to feel morally righteous in lieu of true moral principle ruling their lives. I don’t have a problem with the concept of not being cruel to any living creature. I do have a problem with pretending they are equal to humans in terms of rights and privileges. They aren’t. They’re animals and animals are a resource, like precious metals or vegetation we eat. They exist for the pleasure of humans, not to burden us by their presence.

    As for this particular fool, I have expressed to others concerned about animals that I will possibly get emotional on their behalf once kids are no longer treated like commodities, killed in the womb and abused outside of it. Until then, animals are on their own.

  3. Here are a couple of differences between us and them.
    They hate us and want us to die. She wasn’t kidding about the cancer thing. She thinks we deserve it.

    We think that a child who is likely to be born into a bad situation deserves to live. Even if it is a poor black girl who will grow up to be a very powerful political adversary; who will overcome horrible abuse and seemingly insurmountable economic circumstances to become the richest woman in the world.

    It’s ironic. Oprah is the poster child for both sides. Her beginnings make a great case for abortion. No child should be put through what she was! She should have been spared the horrors of her youth.
    Her LIFE proves our case. Everyone has potential.

    If we were like them, we’d not only wish that she had been aborted for her sake, but we’d wish she was dead for having opposing political views.

    Yep. I’m pretty sure we’re on the right side!

    • Very good point! I wonder how Oprah would feel being your example. She is indeed the perfect evidence for the pro-life side.

      • mmmike917 says:

        I have a pro-abortion friend on facebook with a life-affirming story. She says that it, quote, “makes me furious,” when pro-lifers point that out. It’s like, “How DARE pro-lifers use MY story to support their cause. Yes, I’m happy to be alive but, dammit, I still support abortion so you CAN’T USE MY STORY!”

        Bottom line is, those who are determined to support abortion will support it no matter what. My guess is Oprah would feel the same way.

        • Pro abortion advocates and activists, when it really comes down to it, don’t really care about facts. They don’t even really support abortion for the reasons they give. This is evident when their defenses are addressed. Bottom line is they think women have a right to be not pregnant and not a parent whenever they have the desire.

  4. This proves that liberals are irrational and child-like. I refuse to bother myself with them anymore. You have to stop treating them as ideological equals. They aren’t. Their ideals are, by and large, simply ridiculous.

  5. I think the biggest issue about the whole hunting thing was that the young woman did it for fun.
    That was what was so disgusting.
    The abortion issue has no relevance and is a tacky excuse to use as a comparison. One certainly does not abort for fun.

    When there are no more such animals to hunt, either for sport or greed – then this will not be an issue, will it? How nice.

    • The point of the matter is that this person said every life has value. When pressed we find that that’s not really the case. In fact even adult humans this person believed were worthless if they didn’t hold the same beliefs as they.

      • I agree, it was a silly thing she said, I just believe that you called her out using a poor example ( abortion) and the plight of the animals and the disgusting act that stupid young woman was involved in was overshadowed by trying to prove a point that was not really relevant.

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