10 years since Hurricane Katrina

It’s been a full decade since the hurricane of historic destruction hit land back in 2005 leaving thousands upon thousands in ruin.  The event was so tragic we needed a reason, something to blame for the hurt.  That reason was global warming.  Of course it’s not called global warming any longer because the warming trend ceased nearly two decades ago.


But this doesn’t jive with the claims of the day, or today for that matter.  We’ve been persistently told that with increasing CO2 in the atmosphere, we’d see increases in temperatures.  But alas, we’re at record CO2 levels, and there’s no sign of reductions.  The current CO2 levels are around 400 parts per million, or ppm.

Additionally, the average number of 100 degree days has also been on a declining trend for some time now.

100 degrees


Oops.  But it’s more than warming or not warming.  We were also warned that Katrina was just the tip of the iceberg.  The alarm was sounded that in addition to more hurricanes, they would be more powerful…because global warming.  Unfortunately for the alarmists, there have actually been fewer hurricanes as well as fewer major hurricanes.


Oops again.

Why is this important?  We are being burdened with economy-killing emissions regulations.  The American political class has deemed it their duty to appease the climate gods by reducing our emissions while the rest of the world says ‘yeah…we’ll get back to you on that’. We’re doing it to ourselves.  Instituting tax burdens we shouldn’t have to bear simply because the climate gods need their sacrifice.

It wouldn’t be so bad if climate activists were only offering their opinion that climate disaster is looming. But they take their woefully inaccurate predictions to foist taxes and then spend outrageous amounts of money to combat the so called climate change.  They then hold up their predictions and models as fact in order to regulate the products people use and their behaviors.  Again, it wouldn’t be so bad if these life changes were suggestions, but they aren’t and they admittedly have little to no significant effect on halting the supposed danger.

Why do we place so much stock in climate model projections when they are so often so wrong?  If the claims being made continuously fail to pan out, isn’t it dangerous to our economy and liberty to continue to legislate and restrict based on these alarmist’s claims?


  1. I believe it’s all just a matter of controlling people. The right-wing is supposed to be the fascists, but the left continues to seek to control every facet of human behavior that doesn’t relate to sexual immorality. Gun control, health care, the damned light bulbs and even the size of soft drinks…nothing is too major or minor for the left to control if they see a benefit to the maintaining of power.

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