Child Abuse, Abortion Link — The link between child abuse and abortion is nothing new, but for some reason most psychologists refuse to look at the issue objectively. Studies indicating a link are tossed aside, rendered flawed, and the discussion is over before it even starts.

Abortion and the Second Amendment — Abortion, they say, is a right guaranteed by the Constitution.  Not one explicitly stated, but falls under the “penumbra” of the right to privacy.  Thus the abortion defender concludes that elective abortion is a right somehow guaranteed by the Constitution, but free gun ownership is not.

2012 saw the second highest number of laws restricting abortion — Laws ranging from parent notification, waiting periods and ultrasound requirements were put on the books last year.  All things making abortion more safe [Well, abortion isn’t ever safe.  Someone always dies] and rare, just like pro-choicers always say.  But they’re not happy, why not?

Feigned concern by the Pro-Choice movement — Often, those on the pro-choice side will complain that pro-lifers only care about the child until it’s born.  The pro-choice side, they say, offers compassion by not bringing an unwanted child into the world.  Is this right?

Pro-choice hypocrisy: Halappanavar vs. Reaves — A young woman was reportedly denied an abortion which may have saved her life due to the strict abortion laws in Ireland.  She is being held up as a beacon for why abortion needs more and easier access.  However earlier this year another woman who was having an abortion died due to complications from the procedures.  Whose death is more tragic?

Debate: Is Abortion Murder? – I participated in a debate with Justin Sheiber of Reasonable Doubts on the topic of: Is Abortion Murder?

Who holds the responsibility for caring for children? – It seems we have come to a point where we expect more out of society as a whole than we do parents of children.  I want to know why this is.

Why Liberals will never be pro-life – Liberals hold a fundamentally different view of pregnancy than do pro-lifers.  This vision will forever prohibit them from seeing the value in every human being.

Why Liberals will never be pro-life, Part 2 – In this post you will find pro-abortion advocate’s reaction to a debate I engaged in on the question, is abortion murder?  Their responses further confirm that how one views the pre-born will hamper indefinitely their ability to have compassion for them.

Who’s to blame for single motherhood and abortion? – Is it possible to assign blame for the plight of single motherhood and the elective abortion epidemic?  I think so, but it’s not who you might think.

Another Facebook dialogue on abortion – This is the transcript of a dialogue I had with a friend on the social media site.  In it she argued Planned Parenthood ought to be financially supported through taxpayer funds because of the non-abortion services they provide.  For her these other services were enough to overcome the abortion services they do provide.

Abortion provides no dignity to the pre-born – A Nebraska family was denied an abortion after finding out their daughter would not survive long after birth.  The family believed that abortion was preferable to the natural death of their daughter.  But is this really more compassionate?

Reframing The Debate: Pro And Anti-Development PreventionSome abortion advocates and defenders are attempting to re-brand the abortion debate with new terminology.  Dishonest terminology.

Pro-Life Inconsistency – Abortion Clinic Bombed – The recent bombing of an abortion clinic leaves many abortion defenders claiming pro-lifers are inconsistent.  Are they right? What does it mean if they are?

Pregnant? How’d That Happen? – A good many defenses for abortion rest on the fundamentally flawed premise of what causes pregnancy.

Memories – Some abortion defenders claim that in cases of rape and incest abortion is morally permissible because the mother shouldn’t have to be reminded of the rape by seeing the child.  Does this defense hold any water?

Whatever Doesn’t Kill You, Makes You StrongerWhen people say “keep your laws off my body”, what do they mean, and what are the implications if they believe autonomous sovereignty is important.

The Cradle And The Grave – Society is increasingly advocating for legal methods to end lives.  From abortion to assisted suicide, it seems the weakest among us are being marginalized to death…literally.

Pregnancy: A “Curable” Disorder? – Some are advocating for pregnancy to be covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act to provide greater protection to women in the workforce.  Is this a good idea, or will the unintended consequences far out way the benefits?

Religion, Religion, Wherefor Art Thou Religion – Some readers may have noticed that when making my case against abortion, I don’t do so from a religious perspective.  Why not?

Unintentional Profundity…Maybe – In this Pearls Before Swine comic strip, its creator makes a very keen (possibly unintentionally, I’d like to think not) statement on the issue of abortion.

Can’t Hardly Wait – Of the many reasons given for why women seek abortion, the reason most responsible is never listed.  What is it?

When Does Life Begin? Hint: It Doesn’t Matter – Does the knowing the precise moment life begins relevant to the abortion debate?  Perhaps not.

Matters Of Life And Death – Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber recently imposed a moratorium on the death penalty due to moral objections.  Gov. Kitzhaber is also very pro-abortion.  How would the media have reacted if a pro-life Governor banned abortion on moral grounds?  Is there a double standard when it comes to certain political hot-button issues?

When Pigs Fly – A commenter makes his case defending abortion by comparing degrees of personhood of animals and fictional characters and human fetuses.

Get A Life, Part 1 – Part one of a three-part series on the three most commonly offered defenses to abortion I have encountered.  Part 1 addresses “We don’t know when life really begins” and, “An embryo/fetus is not human“.

Get A Life, Part 2 – Part two of a three-part series on the three most commonly offered defenses to abortion I have encountered.  Part 2 addresses “Much like skin cells which also contain our dna, the developing embryo is not actually human but merely a mass of cells.  We do not consider killing skin cells to be murder, why should removal of a developing embryo be any different?

Get A Life, Part 3Part two of a three-part series on the three most commonly offered defenses to abortion I have encountered.  Part 3 addresses “The fertilized egg may in fact be human, and may in fact be alive — but it is not a person.  Only persons, and not mere human beings, have a right to life.  Therefore, because abortion takes the life of a human being, but not a person, abortion is morally permissible.”

Hookworms, Mosquitoes, and Embryos – Some pro-choice arguments attempt to tug at the emotions.  There is one emotional plea I find particularly disturbing.  Is the developing child in the mother’s womb a parasite?  There are many distinctions proponents of this defense for elective abortion fail to take into consideration.

Is it really about life and death? – Some in the pro-choice camp often push for abortion rights in order to prevent women from dying due to hospitals refusing to perform emergency abortions in order to save the life of the mother.  But is this a real threat, and is it really about saving lives?

Not Good Enough, But Why? – In the previous post, Question for abortion advocates, I asked if those on the pro-choice side of the issue believed there were any bad reasons to get an abortion.  My goal was to see if I can make what I see as an inconsistency obvious.  If abortion is not an issue of morality, then no bad reason should exist.

Safety First – Do restrictions on unfettered access to abortion force women into back alleys?  If so, should this concern us and rethink legislation making it more difficult to have an abortion?

Blinded By Hate – Paris Hatcher, the executive director of SPARK is interviewed about her opinion on how pregnant women are treated.  Strangely, her criticisms run in contradiction to the facts about abortion, race, and the politics behind it all.

But Where’s The Body? – Many on the pro-choice position claim they defend choice, but it seems the only choice they advocate for is abortion.  If you only argue for one point of view, can you truly claim to support choice?

It’s not So Bad – Can the pro-abortion side truly sympathize with women who have miscarriages?  Their position contains insurmountable inconsistencies.

Facebook Dialogue On Abortion – A transcript of a dialogue on a friend’s Facebook page about the proposed legislation restricting federal funds to pay for abortion.

Pregnancy: Won’t You Help Cure This Terrible Disease? – There is a tendency for pro-abortion advocates to speak of pregnancy as if it were a disease.  But speaking about abortion in terms of health-care only further desensitizes people to what abortion actually is.

What’s The Dilemma? – If abortion does not take the life of an actual human being, but rather removes a mass of tissue, why is it such a weighty decision?  Why is this particular choice “not an easy decision” but removing teeth or tumors not?

One Of These Things Is Not Like The Others Are pro-life advocates being inconsistent if they support the death penalty or removing life support?  Is there a difference between abortion, the death penalty, and “pulling the plug”?

What Gives You The Right? – Some abortion advocates posit that abortion is a basic human right.  But this idea creates absurdities.

You Are What You Eat – A woman consumed rat poison while pregnant and subsequently the baby died after being born.  If charged for the child’s death, what will this case do for the “it’s a woman’s body…” argument?