A Little Discrimination Never Hurt Anyone

Discrimination carries with it a certain connotation.  It is nearly understood universally as a bad thing.  For example, a blog I read daily commented on a nail salon which--as a business practice--charges men $1 or more for the same services provided to women.  A man has apparently had enough of … [Read more...]

LGBT hate crime alarmism

A while back I had posted on hate crime legislation in general as a concept, and why I thought it was a bad idea to criminalize thought.  The statistics just do not bear out the attention hate crime receives.  So when I happened upon a blog post not long ago titled Hate Crimes, on … [Read more...]

Victimhood And Responsibility

The war on drugs has been a hot topic for some time.  By some estimates, the program, instituted by President Nixon, has cost the American tax-payers $1 trillion dollars with few to none of its declared goals met.  Whether you support the war on drugs, one can understand why politicians would be … [Read more...]

Is D2 gay enough?

A gay softball team overseen by The North American Gay Amateur Athletic Alliance , D2, finished 2nd in the Gay World Series  in 2008, but had its placing nullified because of allegations that the team exceeded the limit  of non-gay players. The San Francisco-based team the men played on, D2, was … [Read more...]

New law unfair to convicted drug dealers…maybe

Fox News-- A year ago, a drug dealer caught with 50 grams of  crack cocaine faced a mandatory 10 years in federal prison. Today, new rules cut  that to as little as five years, and thousands of inmates not covered by the  change are saying their sentences should be reduced, too. "Please make this … [Read more...]

Score one for religious bigotry

Fox News -- School officials in Neptune Township, N.J., have bowed to the demands of the ACLU and will cover decades-old religious signs posted in the historic Great Auditorium. Just so we're clear.  If being in the presence of religious symbols and imagery, or hearing religious language like a … [Read more...]

Giving at the office

Liberals are always quite generous with other people's money. So much so that we now have a near irreversible entitlement 'where's my stuff?' society.  With nearly 50% of the country paying no federal income taxes, the takers have become complacent with expecting their hand-out. One of aspect of … [Read more...]

Florida punishing the poor?

From the fine folks at the ACLU comes more nonsense about institutionalized marginalization of low-income families. The state of Florida is considering legislation allowing the government to drug test applicants of state welfare programs.  Of course the ACLU interprets this as a punishment of some … [Read more...]

CT on the verge of passing paid sick leave bill

Senate Bill 913 narrowly passed a vote making Connecticut one step closer to becoming the first state to force employers to furnish their employees with paid sick leave.  The law would require businesses with 50 or more employees to add to the list of benefits 1 hour of earned sick leave for every … [Read more...]

San Francisco activists looking to ban circumcision

Some San Francisco activists are gathering signatures in an effort to ban the custom of circumcision of male infant babies in the in the Bay area.  If San Francisco passes this measure, it will be setting pace to become the most nannified city in the Union by following up their recent ban on Happy … [Read more...]

GaGa For God

Lady GaGa is quite the performer.  She has a commanding stage presence and demands attention where ever she goes.  I'm not a fan of her music.  Not out of protest, but I don't listen to much music, and the music I do listen to is of a different genre.  I had recently read a headline reporting that … [Read more...]

What Gives You The Right?

The phrases "my rights are being violated", "God-given right", "human rights", etc. are used with great frequency, especially now that the TSA has adopted its Every-Citizen-is-a-Suspect policy. But what are rights? What rights do we actually have, and what makes them rights in the first place? I … [Read more...]