Oh, The Humanity

When someone offers the objection to God's existence, or the existence of a morally just God by pointing to all the evil in the world and suggesting a morally good God who is powerful ought to alleviate it, has not thought the objection through.  I have most often heard it formulated like this: If … [Read more...]

Don’t Come A-Knockin’

Evangelism sometimes gets a bad reputation for having the appearence of "forcing" a religious belief on an otherwise religious or theologically satisfied person.  I suspect most people like where they are in respect to their religious beliefs and generally wish to stay there.  Evangelism can be seen … [Read more...]

A Burden The Hand

I think the obligation on who carries the burden of proof in any given argument is often misunderstood, particularly when it comes to religious claims, and the existence of God.  Well, who carries it?  Most people understand it is whom ever is making a claim, and it is.  It is easy, however, for the … [Read more...]

Try Some Of My Jesus

Just today I was thinking about a three-way conversation I had with another Christian and a skeptic.  To be honest, I had introduced myself into the conversation upon overhearing the subject; since I know both individuals so it was not out-of-place to interject.  The Christian was "witnessing" to … [Read more...]

What’s That Supposed To Mean?

The common rejoinder to a biblical quotation which refutes someone's argument, "That's just your interpretation!" is the Custer-esque last stand when backed into a corner in an attempt to hold to a non-biblical position.  Rather than give up the non-biblical view in preference to the better … [Read more...]

Counterfeit Truth

Anyone who regularly follows Sifting Reality knows how important I think it is to be accurate in the beliefs one holds; especially in the arena of religious ideas.  One's views on God are of ultimate importance.  If God is real, then it is highly significant who God is; what God is like; and … [Read more...]

The Elephant In The Room

I had been debating with myself as to whether I should provide my take on this particular analogy describing the world's religions.  It is not one I see referenced all that often, nor has it ever been offered to me for consideration by someone attempting to defend religious pluralism.  However … [Read more...]

Prove It!

"Prove to me God exists!" is a challenge I regularly encounter in discussions with atheists.  Atheists are not the only group of people to offer this type of challenge, I also interact with Christians or some other adherent to another religious system who will also request of me to "prove my case" … [Read more...]

Who Needs Morality?

The debate between Theists and Atheists about whether  morality exists, is difficult to focus on due to the misunderstanding between the question "does morality exist", and "can an Atheist act in a moral manner".  The equivocation is usually made on the part of the Atheist, though I am not trying to … [Read more...]

Spiritual Atheism

Having read and listened to the thoughts of many "spiritual but not religious" people, I have come to believe it is nothing short of self or ideological-deification.  No matter whether they profess to believe in God(s) or some higher power, the end is the same.  They ultimately extol themselves or … [Read more...]

Not So Tolerant

Recently Fox Personality Bill O'Reilly made an appearance on ABC's day time talk show The View where discussion turned to the New York Mosque's proposed location.  I will not delve into the merits of the Mosque's location, my purpose is to examine the hidden conflict in Joy Behar and Whoopi … [Read more...]

Never Quite Enough

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, or so goes the claim. On its face, it appears quite reasonable. After all, if something truly outrageous happens we shouldn't believe without having good reason. But does requiring extraordinary evidence for extraordinary claims suffice? Is it … [Read more...]

Borrowed Capital

Phil Zuckerman published on HuffingtonPost.com an article entitled Imagine No Religion: Can Society Be Successful Without It?; where he gleefully imagines a society whose citizens have little or no interest in religion.  It is "a place where almost no one ever goes to church, the majority of people … [Read more...]

Do You Believe…Really?

Every once in a while I come across a survey or study which piques my interest.  I am particularly fond of surveys on religious beliefs in general, so naturally I was drawn in by a study conducted by Pew Research Center entitled, "Religion Among the Mellennials".  A rather in depth study focusing on … [Read more...]

Do Differences Matter?

I came across this picture not long ago and I think this exemplifies the attitude most people hold about religion, even many believers of the particular religions.  I am surprised at how many Christians have abandoned the exclusivity claims traditional Christianity teaches.  Emphasis on a generality … [Read more...]


When it comes to what one believes is the truth about the world, it shapes how you view what is the truth through the filter of your worldview. Not all worldviews are equally true, so it is of the utmost importance to be as close as you can to what is really true. Religious and Political systems … [Read more...]