Can’t Hardly Wait

There are many reasons women offer as to why they seek or have sought abortion.  In my opinion, none are good enough to justify taking the life of the developing baby within her with the exception of saving the life of the mother.  I admit when I characterize the reasons given for abortion, it … [Read more...]

When Does Life Begin? Hint: It Doesn’t Matter

The morality of abortion hinges on different criteria depending on with whom it is you are discussing the issue.  One of the most persistent defenses for abortion is the question of when life begins -- despite the answer to this question having been known for decades (See: Get A Life, Part 1).  The … [Read more...]

If you can’t stand the heat…

The advent of social media outlets have made a small world even smaller.  Friends of yesteryear and family rarely seen or heard from have been brought back together via Facebook, Twitter and other internet social mediums.  In addition to reconnecting with family and friends, people put out there for … [Read more...]

Exclusively Inclusive

Following on the heels of a previous post (See: Just One Caveat, Or Two, Or Three...) that recounted an interaction I had with a woman who seemed very uncomfortable with the idea that she thought she was being offensive by having an opinion on spiritual things that I did not share.  The discussion … [Read more...]

Just One Caveat, Or Two, Or Three…

Sometimes people say the darndest things.  Well, conditioned to say the darndest things.  Over the past few decades or so, political correctness (PC) has conditioned people to above all else, not offend.  The implementation of PC has made for some strange conversations.  What's most silly about the … [Read more...]

Is Occupy movement really a ‘protest’?

The right to protest is a fundamental right.  Whether you agree with the subject matter or not is irrelevant.  However,  Zuccotti Park is private property I believe, so the owners do have the ability to expel the protests if they choose. Said someone I went to high school with in response to a post … [Read more...]

Hookworms, Mosquitoes, and Embryos

Defenses for abortion come in three varieties: medical, philosophical, and emotional.  The first two are fairly easily dealt with, even if people do not amend their positions.  The arguments are either true or false, sound or unsound.  The last however, is much more problematic.  Emotional arguments … [Read more...]

Animals are people too…maybe

The fine folks at PETA, though well-intentioned, are once again showing their lack of ability to distinguish between human beings and animals.  Recently they have made headlines by throwing their support behind killer whales suggesting they be granted the same rights under the U.S. Constitution as … [Read more...]

Sometimes It’s Good To Hear Voices

It seems to be the case that people are becoming less willing to call certain behaviors objectively immoral.  Of course, the major evils are still conceded: rape, murder, etc.  But I am speaking in generalities here, not about any one particular act or habit.  Moral objectivism is being increasingly … [Read more...]

Get A Life, Part 2

This is part two of a three-part series addressing three arguments made in defense of elective abortion.  Read Part 1 and Part 3. A variation of the first defense for elective abortion builds upon the same false assumption, that the embryo/fetus is not a human.  The medical fact that a unique … [Read more...]

Get A Life, Part 1

This is the first of a three part series on common defenses of abortion.  Read: Part 2 and Part 3. Many subjects can elicit an array of emotions with varying degrees of passion.  I think those passions can often cloud and complicate what should more often than not, be a rather simple issue.  It … [Read more...]

Haters, Haters Everywhere

The air is heating up with Republican presidential hopeful Mit Romney's religion making its way to the arena of public discussion.  Ever since Pastor Robert Jeffress stated in an interview that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS) -- or, Mormonism -- is theologically a cult, there … [Read more...]

Good Move, Sir

Having discussions with Atheists and Humanists about morality can prove to be frustrating, for everyone involved.  On the one hand you have Theists who argue that the skeptics cannot properly ground morality given Naturalism.  Skeptics often understand this to mean 'Atheists cannot behave morally … [Read more...]

For Goodness Sake

A [long] while back I was asked this question: Aren't Atheists more moral than religious believers [Christians] because they act morally without motivation or fear of divine reward or reprisal?  Since there is no transcendent God [on the atheist view] to whom they are accountable, and goodness is … [Read more...]

You Can’t Make Me Say It!

Despite many Skeptic's claim to rationality and clear thinking being behind their dismissal of God, often their actions show otherwise.  In Plano, Texas a local business owner began offering discounts for oil changes with one special caveat: Quote John 3:16.  Provided the customer recites the … [Read more...]

That’s Just Your Interpretation!

"That's just your interpretation!"  This objection to arguments either for or against religious assertions is bandied about by both religious skeptics and religious adherents who disagree on certain ideas -- as if it actually means anything.  This objection carries some widely held presumptions.  … [Read more...]

Cyanide, Aspirin, and Breath Mints

My experience teaches me that it is rare for a skeptic to differentiate between the religions.  Not for identification's sake, but in discussions of the real or perceived evils done in the name of religion, or by religious adherents.  This was especially true following the terror of September 11th.  … [Read more...]

Give Me Liberty, And Give Me Death

I was listening to a semi-debate -- a discussion really -- about assisted suicide and assisted death, and whether there should be a legal option for one or both.  I think the distinction is an important one.  Generally speaking assisted suicide would be the aiding of a person to take their own … [Read more...]

Reinhardt Syndrome

I am glad to say that I have recently had the honor of having commenter Neil C. Reinhardt grace the pages of Sifting Reality.  At first, I was under the impression the comments were spam, since identical wording in a comment here I also read on the blog, fribnitsworld.  I just figured spammers were … [Read more...]

Gervais Christ

Atheist funny man Ricky Gervais is set to grace the cover of New Humanist magazine's September/October issue.  Gervais is unapologetically an Atheist.  And the cover is an obvious parody/mockery of Jesus' crucifixion.  Is it meant to be offensive?  Probably. You have the right to be offended, and I … [Read more...]