Justice Stephen Breyer’s Political Correctness

Recently George Stephanopolous Interviewed Supreme Court Justice, Stephen Breyer and the discussion turned to the Florida pastor Terry Jones and his planned then abandoned Qur’an burning.
Last week we saw a Florida Pastor – with 30 members in his church – threaten to burn Korans which lead to riots and killings in Afghanistan. We also saw Democrats and Republicans alike assume that Pastor Jones had a Constitutional right to burn those Korans.  But Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer told me on “GMA” that he’s not prepared to conclude that — in the internet age — the First Amendment condones Koran burning.
So in Justice Breyer’s opinion, burning the American flag, the bible, and the constitution is fine by the constitution.  Fashion “artwork” depicting a crucifix in a jar of human urine is fine by the constitution.  Making movies showing the assassination of the President, George W. Bush is fine by the constitution.  All of it protected by the constitution, but the Justice is not prepared to say burning a Qur’an is is a protected practice?   Seems a tad selective.  And people wonder why Christians are worried about Christianity being legislated away.

Any Thoughts?

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