Recognition of irony not a strong suit for OWS

Occupy Wall Street protesters said yesterday that packs of brazen crooks  within their ranks have been robbing their fellow demonstrators blind, making  off with pricey cameras, phones and laptops — and even a hefty bundle of  donated cash and food.

“Stealing is our biggest problem at the moment,” said Nan Terrie, 18, a  kitchen and legal-team volunteer from Fort Lauderdale.

“I had my Mac stolen — that was like $5,500. Every night, something else is  gone. Last night, our entire [kitchen] budget for the day was stolen, so the  first thing I had to do was . . . get the message out to our supporters that we  needed food!”


“I’m not getting paid, but I’m not gonna stand for it. Why people got to come  here and do stupid stuff? All it does is make people not wanna come here  anymore,” [Harry] Wyman fumed.

Some people are really poor at identifying irony when it falls right in their lap.  The Occupy Wall Street protesters have been at it now for weeks demanding the wealthy be relieved of their fortunes against their will for the benefit of those less fortunate than themselves.  But for one reason or another, only when the protesters are relieved of their possessions against their will, they are able to recognize it as stealing.

I hope someone makes the point to the ‘victims’ that perhaps the ‘thieves’ are even less fortunate than the person who owned a $5,500 lap top and his wealth was simply being redistributed to the .01%er.  The thief was merely following through with the message: Take from the rich and give to the poor.  What’s the problem?  Apparently, someone’s going to need a spoon full of sugar for this medicine.

Remember back when UC Merced students were all about wealth redistribution, that is until they were asked to redistribute their GPA points to those students who were not on academic par with themselves (See: Let’s redistribute your GPA)?  They were able to see that taking from someone who worked for what they had in order to give it to someone who didn’t, was inherently wrong.  It truly seems as though leftists are able to understand their political view is wrong only when they are forced to be a part of the mix.  Taking what does not belong to you is wrong.  Whether it’s a laptop, a camera, or a bank account.  If it’s not yours, you aren’t entitled to it.


  1. Liberals are unable to consistently live their philosophy.

  2. Conservatives continue to clearly show how entirely divorced they are from reality.
    If this country is a marriage, your wife is yelling at you and you keep saying “Why do you keep getting angry, it’s not like I’m cheating on you.”
    Guess what? Maybe it’s time to listen. Maybe if you took some time to listen instead of trying to make your wife sound like a raving, unreasonable bitch you might realize that there are things that are just as important as fidelity.
    Just like that marriage- perhaps if you took the time to acknowledge that OWS is not about nationalizing wealth and distributing it evenly among the masses. It’s not about “stealing”, any more than you would take me seriously if I told you that corporations were “stealing” from people- which if we accept your definition of “theft”- they are.
    Get a clue.

  3. John,
    Are you really claiming that entire groups should be defined by their most radical elements?
    So I can now officially conflate all Republicans with “birthers”.
    Good to know.

  4. At the risk of trying to nail Jell-O to the wall again, George W is living proof that pluralism has led to the death of reason. The wealth-redistributing malcontents are the heart of OWS. That so many protesters can’t reason their way to a coherent message only magnifies the illegitimacy of the entire protest. These American-hating, envy-baiting, hygiene-ignoring, pot-smoking, police car-defecating, violence-embracing, greedy malcontents are a demonic mob. Their message is as disconnected and discordant as their sense of morality is incoherent. The have fallen for lies and cannot understand truth when it is right before them. That is why they cannot see irony the their selling or T-shirts and other items to fund their protest agains capitalism.

    Both the OWS protesters and their apologists like George W are the ones blissfully disconnected from reality. Truth was offered to them and they hated it.

  5. ***That is why they cannot see the irony in their selling T-Shirts and other items to fund their protest against capitalism.

  6. Kathy Bates’ recent comment demonstrates that the more the people of OWS open their mouths the more they prove they have nothing between their ears. This demonic mob is confused and mad, which is a bad combination.

  7. John,
    Let’s investigate your claim here. You are saying that the media is spinning OWS in order to make it appear to be middle-class discontent when in reality it is a bunch of communist revolutionaries. Who are you getting this information from? The media? I thought they were busy making theses people look benign?
    Either the media is accurately reporting the protests or they are not- or you are getting your information from some source that is not the media.
    My bet is that you are getting your information from a media source- you just choose to believe one spin over another.

    Dog Tags- So is it wealth-distributing malcontents that are giving the message or is there no message at all? Because so far you have claimed both, and they can’t both be correct. Either OWS is a communist manifesto or it is an awkward mix of liberals. You contradict yourself in an effort to try and claim two mutually exclusive points against a movement you disagree with.
    Who is Jello now?

  8. Maybe George can put two thoughts together. That is the point. OWS is driven by communist malcontents who are too stupid or immoral to realize they are communists. The ones who know they are communists are there to foment chaos and whip up the ire of useful idiots against unspecified enemies (i.e. Bankers, “wall street guys”, the Tea Party). They are all one demonic mob but a portion of them know what they are doing and manipulate the rest. They are all evil and unAmerican. They are not my countrymen. They are domestic enemies.

  9. When OWS participants are calling for the right of the people to print money or to have sex with animals or to hang CEOs and bankers or to send Jews home or to forgive student loans or hate veterans or hate our flag or want to force businesses to pay employees $20/hr or require free education or demand they be handed a job or have the 99% have all debt forgiven or have bases on Mars and the moon or solar panels throughout the nation and on and on and on then it is safe to say it is an incoherent yet a communist mob.

    Our minds want to make sense of chaos but logic is lost on this gaggle. Those who support it are just as intellectually challenged, simply immoral or both. It simply is immoral to demand loans be forgiven or minimum wage hikes or to hate America or to spit on veterans. The protesters

  10. The protesters and their supporters are reaping the consequences of the godless, discipline-free, pluralistic, education they received and we are all suffering from their narcissism.

  11. Funny how the lack of racial diversity in the OWS mob is not an indictment. But we are all too familiar with the hypocrisy and double-standards of the Left.

    This movement is born out of the immorality in people’s hearts: covetousness, envy, strife, greed, selfishness. They pretend to be for helping the poor, but they are all about helping themselves to other people’s property. The sad arguments in defense of this mob movement demonstrate the reprobate minds people are laboring under.

    Reprobate mind: forcing “the rich” through threat of government violence to “pay their fair share” for social welfare is charity.
    Mind of Christ: A workman is worthy of his hire, and the slothful will go hungry. The sanctity of private property is protected by the divine decree “Thou shalt not steal.”

    Reprobate mind: the State needs to compel “the rich” to fulfill their religious obligation of charity (despite vociferously screaming “Separation of Church and State”).
    Mind of Christ: God’s principle of sphere sovereignty grants the Church the authority to encourage the fulfillment of religious duties but God has not given the State that authority.

    Reprobate mind: businesses are created for the purpose of giving people jobs.
    Mind of Christ: private business owners ought to deal fairly with their employees, but the employees do not have a right to the business owner’s wealth. Businessmen and investors take risks to create wealth to make a better life for themselves. Their risk ought to be lauded and their success ought to be applauded instead of envied.

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