Selective Outcry

Oscar Rivera has done a wonderful job capturing my thoughts exactly.

This was my comment to his post:

This topic infuriates me. Chicagoland’s victims have become dust under the rug. Granted, the majority of the victims were gang members who perhaps had been the triggerman for a previous shooting. But regardless, murder is murder and gang affiliation is no reason to ignore what is obviously an epidemic.

But aside from the victims who some might feel “deserve it” by participating in the gang life style, there are many who had no business being victims. Men, women, and children being killed just because they looked like someone, or had the misfortune of being in the vicinity of a target. Even they, the truly innocent, we hear a blurb on the nightly news. “A 6 year-old girrl was hit by stray bullet today in Chicago…” and then it’s gone. There have been at least 2 little girls killed by bullets intended for someone else and no one knows their names, not even me without looking it up. But you know what? I know who Trayvon Martin is.

I concede it isn’t the President’s job to publicly address every tragedy in this country. But he does so on occasion. And at least twice now (Trayvon, and the Cambridge Police) he responded prematurely with limited and seemingly inaccurate facts. So if he can pipe up about a teen who “might” look like his progeny, and the police who had to deal with an irate uncooperative racist college professor he can certainly respond to the slow extermination of the black youth in the city he calls home.

Any Thoughts?

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