Romney unfit for office: doesn’t hug garbage man

This speaks to the sensitivity of liberals. The fact that they’d offer this argument: Romney doesn’t hug his garbage man or give him Gatorade, and is therefore unfit to be president.

And what about the garbage man actually complaining that he isn’t more loved? Well, Romney and his fellow community neighbors pay this man’s salary. I suppose that’s not sufficient. Now you need to give hugs and drinks and pats on the back to everyone you interact with.

Personally, this garbage man should feel somewhat ashamed to be complaining about Romney in this way. If you need a hug go see your parents, not the president. Give me a break.


  1. TerranceH says:


    This is emblematic of liberal desperation. Not only are left-wing policies proven failures, but many of them are detrimental and deadly. So the tactic of the liberal-progressive traitor is to lie, but more importantly, attack the opposition – in whatever way possible – to distract from his or her failed policies.

    It will get worse, John. President Obama proved last night that he is unfit for the presidency. He was demolished by Mitt Romney. Obama looked tired, despondent, detached, withdrawn, and ignorant. He is has nothing to run on, except Mitt Romney’s failure to hug the garbage man and, next week, Romney’s failure to kiss the doctor who gave him a rectal exam.

    They’re pathetic excuses for human beings. But ya gotta hand it to Cenk for being reasonable about this ridiculous accusation.

  2. TerranceH says:

    Reblogged this on Sibboleth Nation and commented:
    Now the liberal-progressives are attacking Romney for failing to hug his garbage man. LMAO!!!

    How pathetic can these people get?

  3. TerranceH says:
  4. One of the most asinine liberal commercials I’ve ever seen!

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