My Top Ten Favorite Posts

I had been thinking about doing a post like this for a little while now.  Here I’ve narrowed my top ten favorite posts from over the past three years.  In no particular order:

What Gives You The Right?

Many defenders of abortion go further than claiming elective abortion is a right, they claim it is a basic human right.  In claiming it is a human right, they run into philosophical problems.  Since from conception a new human life has begun, abortion — if aborting a female  denies her basic human right to someday abort her own child and other absurdities.

Who Did You Say You Were Again?

Up until recently, atheism meant the belief that no gods exist.  It has since been redefined to accommodate the atheist in not having to defend his position.  This is done by saying atheism refers to a lack of belief in a god, or holding no god beliefs, or some other vaguery.  It is because Atheists know that arguing that no gods exist is nearly impossible, they instead devised an argument to relieve their burden to argue for their own view.  In this post I explain why these redefinitions are invalid.

Cyanide, Aspirin, and Breath Mints

One obstacle skeptics erect for themselves in order to prevent themselves from believing in God is overgeneralizing religions and lumping them all into one big pile as though they were all essentially the same claim.  Basically because they all come in “God form” they are all basically the same.  They fail to recognize the differences — significant differences between them.

Fair Enough?

Most people see that life just isn’t fair.  One of the main reasons for complaining is they see a disparity between those who are successful and those who aren’t and believe the main reason is that there is a fundamental unfairness that should be rectified.  They confuse equal opportunity with ease of success.  In America we all have the same opportunities.  Granted, some people’s path to success is easier than others, but the opportunity is there, it just needs to be worked for.

LGBT hate crime alarmism

Gay activists — like Dan Savage for example — make their living trying to frighten homosexuals into believing the likelihood of becoming a victim of a hate crime is as likely as correctly calling heads on a coin flip.  These activists brainwash young gays into finding personal slights everywhere in almost any situation.  However, in 2009, only .00016% of all gays in America were victims of a hate crime.  Which is probably less than the imaginary cases.

Killer Robots

To some skeptics God doesn’t seem to like to play by his own rules.  He tells us not to murder each other all the while he orders the Israelites to destroy entire societies sparing no one.  Even now, the skeptic complains that God is entirely too frivolous in his taking of innocent life.  I was offered what I consider a solid analogy to help explain why this complaint doesn’t hold any water.

This Is A Democracy, Not A Theocracy!

This is the mantra of skeptics whenever it seems like religion might even kinda sorta not really but maybe if you look with your eyes all squinty be interfering in government.  They tout (falsely) that we live in a democracy.  However, it’s a good thing for the skeptic we don’t live in a democracy because if we did there’d be a good chance we’d have prayer in public schools, abortion would be illegal in nearly all cases, and same-sex marriage would be illegal in every state.  When it comes to religious public policy, the majority of Americans lean toward allowing religion to influence policy than being absent from it.  They don’t know how lucky they are to not live in a democracy.

Pregnancy: Won’t You Help Cure This Terrible Disease?

I really loathe abortion defenders who talk about pregnancy as though it were a disease in need of a cure, and that by wanting to prevent abortion, you are essentially withholding medical care.  Abortion isn’t medical care because pregnancy isn’t a sickness.  They try to make it sound like being pregnant is a bad thing, like having an ingrown toenail or wart.  It’s a dishonest way to argue, but it appeals to emotions through deception rather than medical facts.  And feelings win over facts more often than they should.

The Days Of Old

In this post I make my case for a literal understanding that the “days” in the Genesis creation account are long periods of time instead of 24-hr solar days.  I think an ancient universe (as opposed to one that is 6,000-10,000 years old) is supportable by the text of the bible if a narrow English understanding of “day” isn’t imposed upon it.  As predicted in the post itself, I knew I’d get some vitriolic responses from fellow Christians on this.  This seems to be a highly controversial in-house topic and can bring out the worst in some people.

Giving At The Office

I often wonder if those who ardently support taxation for the support of those who are less fortunate, i.e., welfare for the poor, would continue their support if rather than having the taxes taken from their paycheck by the IRS and distributed by the government for social programs, we instead had to go a government office to write a check each week for our share.  Or how about if we were “assigned” a needy person and had to go to their house and give them the money directly each week.  Would liberals still support social programs to the degree they do now?  I suspect not.  It’s only because we are disconnected from where our tax dollars go, and to whom, and for what that they can support without question the Robin Hood tax structuring.

I have more favorites, but I think these are the ones I enjoyed writing the most.  I’d also be curious as to which posts are the favorites of my supporters.  I’d also like to hear from my detractors and which posts they think I was simply out to sea on.  I’m sure there’s a post out there which solidified in your mind that I was a complete idiot.  So which ones were they?  In case anyone hadn’t noticed, the indices at the top of the page link to descriptions of the posts I’ve written as well as a link to a full index of posts at the bottom of the page (just in case I didn’t think the post was worthy of being indexed).  And to those of you who support me but don’t normally comment, I’m really curious about you as well.


  1. That is a great list. Nice work! I appreciate your carefully written, bold and accurate posts.

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