So God made a Liberal…

If you find yourself on the Conservative end of the political spectrum, this is pretty amusing.  If not, you’ll roll your eyes and probably won’t finish watching it, because it won’t be funny to you.  Either way, Conservatives: enjoy it.  Liberals: learn to laugh at yourselves once in a while.


  1. Perfect description of liberals! Hysterical.

  2. LOL. I am not a liberal or conservative but I found it funny. This satire does describe the flaming liberals joked upon by conservatives in the same way liberals label all conservatives to be hateful racist rich old white men. I will actually blog soon about the party of Jesus Christ because it’s neither perfectly represented now the incarnations of the Republican or Democratic party. When you read the theoretical definitions for Republicanism and democracy they both sound great. The Bible lays our perfectly the relationship we should have to government and moral holiness that we should want and try to see in our society. I voted my moral conscience this past November and voted Republican.

  3. God made a liberal: and God saw that it was good. ;-D

    • Liberals were made after the fall. Adam and his family worked hard and didn’t rely on handouts from those who do work hard. So technically God made a conservative initially.

  4. John,

    I was making a joke.

    Anyway, you are wrong. In the Bible there is not mention to human “hard work” prior to the fall. On the contrary, hard work is a penalty due to the fault (Genesis 3:17).

  5. Sorry, John, but it is just your imagination.
    First, the is no hard work mention prior the fall.
    Second, Genesis 3:17 means a change of status and it is clear about the need of hard work to get fruits not previously existing.

    • Isu,
      Gen 1:28 says they are to subdue the earth. That takes work.
      Gen. 2:15 Adam was put in the Garden to “work it and take care of it.” You obviously never had a simple garden if you don’t think that is hard work. Man was meant to work, but part of the punishment of the Fall was that his hard work would avail little where in the past it availed much.

  6. I didn’t mentioned they didn’t worked, I said it wasn’t hard work.

    “You obviously never had a simple garden if you don’t think that is hard work”.
    Obviously our current gardens are hard to work because of cursed ground due to the fault. It isn’t right to extrapolate our experience about them to the uncursed Garden of Eden.

    “they didn’t toil and struggle, but they worked”.
    But it was an easy or even practical effortless work since it didn’t toil nor struggle.

    Even God works (it’s clear that not for living) and it doesn’t mean hard work for God.

    • Isu,
      If you plant a garden you have to dig the ground. THAT is hard work. It has nothing to do with the fall – the ground is still the ground. The Fall brought about weeds, and all sorts of problems with infestations, etc, making it more difficult to get crops.

      You have decided arbitrarilty what is or is not “hard” work so you can save face with you unbiblical assertions.

  7. Glenn,

    “If you plant a garden you have to dig the ground. THAT is hard work.”

    As I said, you are wrongly making an extrapolation from our cursed lands.
    Garden of Edens seeds could have been planted without digging.

    There is no record of what the Fall brought save a “cursed land” and “painful toit”.

    “You have decided arbitrarilty what is or is not “hard” work so you can save face with you unbiblical assertions.”

    I made no arbitrary decision about what is hard work.
    “Toil” and “hard work” are synonyms and something painful to carry out is something hard to carry out.

    In Genesis 3:17 there is a clearly implicit change of status and therefore, taking into account that there is no previous mention to hard work, it is clear that prior to the fault there was no hard word in cultivating.

    Saying that there was hard work prior to the Fall is an unbiblical assertion.

    • Isu,

      You are practicing what is called eisegesis. You decide arbitrarily that there was no need to plant seeds or turn over the soil, etc, just because that would not fit with your idea of what work is or isn’t. You remind me of the Pharisees who added definitions of what was or was not work for being able to accomplish on the Sabbath day.

      The Genesis passage plainly states that they were to “work” – period.

      “Hard work” is not always synonymous with toil, by the way. I do a lot of hard work which I don’t fell is toil.

  8. Glenn,

    You are the one practicing eisegesis when you say that Garden of Eden were hard to work based only on what our gardens are, which are not comparable.

    “Work” doesn’t mean “hard work”. So that statement helps you not. Period.

    Hard work is synonymous with toil. Look up in a dictionary the meaning of “toil”.

    I’m fed up with your changing of the meaning of words for your own purposes.

    • Isu,
      The Bible says they worked. PERIOD. It does not say it was easy work – that is YOUR eisegesis.

      Again, one can work hard and not consider it a toil to do so because they enjoy it. That is not redefining any word – it is common usage.

      I’m fed up with your intentional stupidity just because you got caught making the Bible say what you wanted it to say.

  9. Glenn

    The Bible says they worked. PERIOD. It does not say it was hard work – that is YOUR groundless eisegesis. I have Genesis 3:17 and Genesis 3:19 basis to say that work at Garden of Eden wasn’t hard.

    If it isn’t a toil for you, it shouldn’t be either a hard work for you. That is coherence.
    Do you say that something you enjoy is hard? It makes no sense.

    I’m feed up with your liars (intentional stupidity) and your double standard hypocrisy. The Bible doesn’t say that there was hard work prior to the fall. On the contrary, it has statements that implicitly mean otherwise. The Bible doesn’t say hard work but merely work, hard work is what you want it to say. You are the one caught.

    • Isu,

      You are being a jackass.

      Those passages say nothing about the relative difficulty of work in Eden – that is your imagination.

      Try working 186 take-offs and landings in and hour and then tell me it isn’t hard work. But it was not a toil because I loved every minute of it. THAT is coherance. If you think being an air traffic controller with high density traffic isn’t hard work, then you have absolutely no clue.

      Where is the douible standard hypocrisy? Because I demonstrate that work can be hard without being a toil? That hard work bringing success is not the same as hard work which is fruitful? Gen 3:17 says his work will be “PAINFUL TOIL” – and not all hard work is painful toil. The Bible does NOT say the work in the garden wasn’t hard. All we know know is that all the hard work will now bring weeds and thistles, making the work more difficult. To say that implies no previous work was hard is eisegesis; it implies nothing of the sort.

  10. Glenn,

    Those passages say something about the relative difficulty of work in Eden. For example, it’s clear than in the Eden there was no sweet of face to eat food. I have planted potatoes and sweated because of hard work, that wasn’t so in the Garden of Eden.

    If you love every minute of it, it’s not hard for you. I like engineering, so doing that work isn’t hard for me whatever the work intensity is.
    Anyway, there weren’t air traffic controllers in the Garden of Eden.

    Your double standard hypocrisy is patent when you complaint about my saying that work was easy when it’s not said in the Bible, whereas you are doing the same about hard word. Hard work is not mentioned. Easy work is not mentioned, but it is deduced from what is said. Genesis 3:19 implies that there were no sweating before the Fall to get the food.

    • Isu,

      “Hard” is a relative term. But no working of the ground is ever “easy” (which of course is another relative term).

      So if I love what I’m doing, it therefore is not hard work?!?!? Are you insane?!?!? Who decided that the definition of whether work was hard – i.e. difficult – was based on whether one enjoyed it?!?!?! Work is either easy or difficult based on the actual work, not on whether or not someone enjoys it. There is a lot of easy work I just don’t like doing, so does that then make it hard work?!?

      Your comment about there being no ATC in Eden is stupid. You know darn well I was using that as an example of hard vs easy work. You have arbitrarily decided that all work in Eden must have been easy. The Bible doesn’t say whether it was hard or easy before the fall, all it does is say after the fall that it will be painful toil to work the ground, but that doesn’t mean or even imply that working the ground was previously easy. And, by the way, hard work doesn’t always cause one to sweat, so again your arbitrary measurement of what is or is not hard is ludicrous.

      I base my idea that the work was “hard” vs “easy” is that working the ground could never be “easy” – that’s common sense. God never says the ground was never easy to work, he just says it will now be with weeds and thistles and will be PAINFUL TOIL.

      It isn’t a “double standard” to say you practice eisegesis by claiming ease based on your personal inference of a passage, while at the same time I am addressing what the passages actually say – they never say previous to the fall that work was easy.

  11. Glenn,

    No CURRENT working of the ground is easy. It is wrong to extrapolate it to the Garden of the Eden because it was different, so you are wrong.

    You are the one who said that your work wasn’t toil (which means “hard work”).

    There is no arbitrarily decisicion, but a reasoned conclusion based on what is said. Repeating that lie once and again won’t make it true. No pain, no hard work (toil), no sweat: that means it was easy. Hard working of the ground makes you sweat and therefore previous working of the ground on the Garden of the Eden wasn’t hard: that was my point, not a measure of what is hard for another kind of job.

    Garden of Eden wasn’t something common. So common sense doesn’t apply.

    God never says the ground was hard to work prior to the fall.
    About “painful toil” there have been several translations from original Genesis, but the general idea is “hard work”.
    And you are intentionally forgeting sweating, which is common experience when working the ground.

    It’s a double standard since “they never say previous to the fall that work was” “hard”. and you say that their work were hard (you and John).
    You are practicing eisegesis by claiming hardness based on you personal inteference of common experience, which is wrong doing when it cames to the uncommon Garden of Eden.

    • Isu,
      It all goes back to YOUR definition of what work is, your arbitrary decision that the ground was easy-peasy to work in the garden, and that PAINFUL TOIL is the only kind of hard work (the Bible says, “painful toil” is what they would have from that point on), and that hard work is always toil regardless of what the individual performing said work says about it.

      You have made up your own definitions and expect me to abide by them! Who the hell are you to say that if you enjoy you work then it could not be hard?!?!? I said my very hard work was not considered by me to be a “toil” because I enjoyed it. I also said that easy work is a toil for those who do NOT enjoy it.

      Back to Gen 3:17, the intent is to compare what previous work was to what it will be. There is no dispute that there was work done in Eden, rather you want to dispute the possibility of hard work being done, based on your subjective idea of what “hard” consists. The point of the 3:17 is that not only will the work be hard, it will be toilsome, sorrowful and painful:

      NIV: through painful toil
      ESV: in pain
      NLT: you will struggle to scratch a living
      NAS: In toil
      HCSB: painful labor
      KJV: in sorrow
      Douay-Rheims: with labour and toil
      Darby: with toil
      NET: painful toil
      Jay Green Literal: in sorrow

      This is a radical shift from what they previously knew; it does NOT mean there was no hard work previously, rather the work will be of a whole new nature now.

      By the way, I’m not much of a sweater, even on hot days and hard at work; never have been. So according to you, I never work hard because I don’t work up a sweat!

      To say common sense doesn’t apply because Eden wasn’t common is just plain asinine. Common sense tells me that Adam and Eve were human beings – oops, according to you that can’t be true. Common sense tells me that Adam and Eve had sexual intercourse – oops, according to you that can’t be true. Do you see the absurdity of your statement? There is nothing in the text which says the molecular structure of the ground changed so that it suddenly became more difficult to plow, plant, etc. What IS noted is that the results of working the ground will not be the same, that now they will battle new element growing from it and interfering with it, thereby exponentially adding to their labor.

      Don’t add YOUR ideas into the text. I am not doing that. The text never, never says there was no previous hard work, rather it only says that it will be exponentially more difficult to where it will be painful work and it will bring sorrow.

  12. Glenn,

    Firstly I made no definition of what work is. You lie once again since I reached a reasoned conclusion and I didn’t make an arbitrary decision. Bible says “painful toil” related to hard work meaning. All hard work is toil, because that’s the meaning of the “toil” word.

    You have made up your own redefinition saying that your work cannot be toil since you enjoy it. Very hard work is toil and enjoyment has nothing to do. Masochists still suffer pain although they enjoy it. If you say that your work isn’t toil, then I’m rightful entitled to say it isn’t hard, since the last (hard work) implies the first (toil). If you redefine toil at will, your complaining about my redefinition (which follows yours) shows your hypocrisy.

    Gen 3:17 makes difference between the previous work and posterior work. I’m not disputing the possibility of hard work but disputing your assertion (yours and John’s) that the work was hard. Gen 3:17 doesn’t say previous work were hard, nor another passage does. I wasn’t talking only about English translations which also have the general meaning of hard work. “toil” is translated from English to my language literally as “hard work”. Pain and sorrow are also related to hardness, not being literal. I didn’t suffer pain nor sorrow when I cultivated potatoes.

    As you say there is a radical shift, but the shift relies on hard working instead of merely working.

    You don’t sweat at your work because of air conditioning and being seated. That doesn’t apply to cultivating with hard physical working.

    It was stated that Adam and Eva were humans. They were ordered to reproduce, so we can rightly suppose sexual intercourse since no reproductory change is mentioned. But it doesn’t apply to cultivating since changes on work hardness are mentioned, so it is wrong to extrapolate. Hard cultivating makes one sweat, not only weed removing. It’s implicit that prior to the fall there was no sweat, which cames from physical hard work, so there was no physical hard work.

    You are adding ideas to the text since you say their work was hard whereas it is not mentioned. I’m deducing ideas from the text. There is not “exponential more difficult” saying, since there is no mention that previous work was “difficult” nor mention to “more difficult” in the sentence. That’s your grounless invention.

    • Isu,

      You are hopeless. You claim YOU have a “reasoned conclusion” with your eisegesis, and yet you attack my reasoned conclusion base on what the text actually says.

      By the way, I said I didn’t sweat while working, the implication I thought was very well understood being outdoor labor. No a/c, no sitting down (oh, and for your info, most of my ATC work was STANDING and walking back and forth across the control tower), etc. I have labored in construction, gardening, etc but I’m not much of a sweater (I’ve built timber-trestle bridges in summer in North Carolina). My point was that you can’t use to define work as to whether or not one sweats!

      You keep making all sorts of claims to support your beliefs, and none of them are biblical. I am finished with this conversation; it is pointless. 2 Tim. 2:23

  13. Glenn,

    You lie: I have a reasoned conclusion and I have showed it. You are the fanatic who denies evidence to follow his own agenda. The text says “work” regarding to Garden of Eden. “Hard work” is your invention. You have no reasoned conclusion to state hard working based on what the texts actually says.

    Nevertheless you sweat while doing physical work. Genesis 3:19 is quite clear and implicitly means there was no sweating before the Fall to get the food. You have no basis to say that work in the Garden of Eden was hard, because it wasn’t the same that current cultivation and there is no biblical mention to hard working then. Genesis 3:17 marks a change of working status making it hard (toil).

    Your claiming about “hard work” previous to the Fall is not biblical: there is no mention nor is deduced from biblical records. Psalm 120:2.

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