Democrats have bet as to who can propose the most absurd gun control measures

Or they don’t.  But it’s the only reasonable explanation for what has been coming out of State legislatures by their Democrat law makers.

( — A mandatory anger management program before you can buy ammunition? That’s what one Florida lawmaker who represents part of Duval County wants to see happen.

State Senator Audrey Gibson, a Democrat representing District 9, said she is surprised at the reaction the bill she filed Friday is getting. She intended the bill to reduce anger not cause anger, but she says her office has gotten phone calls not only from Floridians but even some from out of state.

Bill 1678 is two-fold. It would require a three day waiting period for the sale of any firearm, but what is stirring the most controversy is a requirement that would make it a crime to buy ammunition unless you presented a certificate showing you completed a minimum two hour anger management program either online or face to face. If it becomes law, you would be required to renew the certification every 10 years.


“It’s just to get people to take a pause before they buy any ammunition,” said Sen. Gibson.  “It helps people be introspective and make sure they even know for themselves what are the triggers, what are things maybe that really upset me and how do I respond to that? Do I grab my gun to shoot somebody because I’m upset about something? How much ammo do I need stockpiled in my garage or that spare bedroom in my house?”

Just as asinine as Senator Gibson’s new proposal is newly elected U.S. Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) writing to NASCAR to plead with them to remove the NRA as a sponsor on race cars.

(Hartford Courant) — Murphy wrote to NASCAR CEO Brian France Thursday asking him to knock the NRA off the sponsor list for the Sprint Cup Race Series in April. NRA is the title sponsor of the race, which will be named the NRA 500. Murphy told France that post-Newtown, aligning yourself with such an extreme position on guns is insensitive to the people of Newtown and puts you at odds with the the overwhelming majority’ of the American public.

“Why take sides against the families of Newtown, Connecticut, by teaming up with the NRA in the middle of an intense legislative fight over gun laws?” Murphy asked.

As if the NRA is in any way responsible for gun violence, let alone the responsible for the mentally challenged murderer who shot up the Sandy Hook elementary school in Newtown.  And what’s the NRA’s extreme position on guns: that you should be allowed to own them… just like the Constitution says, Senator Murphy.

So if there’s no inside bet among Democrats as to who can be the most ridiculous, I’m at a loss.


  1. Does she want anger management classes before buying a hammer? Or a steak knife? People who use guns in anger already have the ammunition. Anger management classes are nothing but nonsensical psychobabble anyway, and are worthless. I know someone who was forced to take one and he hasn’t changed a bit.

  2. TerranceH says:

    John & Glenn,

    I’ll agree to Gibson’s proposal wholeheartedly, if she’ll agree to my proposal that a lawmaker must have an IQ of at least 5, and that voters take a civics exam…

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