What kind of Conservative are you?

Take the Buzzfeed quiz.  What kind am I you ask?

stop whining


  1. Too many questions for which I couldn’t give a real answer, but I got: Overthrow the Government Tea Party Conservative

  2. I got Kicking Ass Conservative – though, like Glenn, I couldn’t answer some of them properly. I don’t even know who some of the people in there are.

    But then, I’m a Canuck, so it’s a moot point. ;-)

  3. sally1137 says:

    I got Overthrow the Govt Tea Party Conservative too, Glenn, but I’m Catholic so I’m going to hell.

    • Sally,
      If you are a Christian you are saved. I have stated over and over and over that there are true believers in the Romanist church, in SPITE of the Romanist teachings. But you burden yourself with all that extraneous and apostate legalistic nonsense, as well as the rank heresy in much of its dogma. The fact that you identify yourself as a Catholic rather than as a Christian should make you sit up and think about where your priorities lie – to the pope or to Christ. You can’t have both, since he claims to represent Christ (which he doesn’t).

  4. I got the same as Glenn.

  5. Sally,

    We’re not all opposed to Catholics.

  6. Terrance,
    I am not opposed to Catholics. They are just people who are deceived. I am opposed to Roman Catholicism as a belief system because it is apostate and heretical and creates horrible burdens for its followers.

  7. sally1137 says:

    Catholics are the first Christians. All others are just schisms. Couldn’t agree so they took their bible and went home. Read Luther’s discourse with Erasmus on Free Will, and you’ll find he sounds just like today’s angry liberal.

    I find your position that anyone who accepts Christ is saved to be oversimplification. We cannot save ourselves. If we are saved it is by the grace of God/Christ alone. Our actions willlead us toward or away from grace, but the grace is God’s alone to give.

    Yet we can disagree on this. You are not my enemy; we have larger battles to fight with those who wish us harm.

    I would say to you that the Catholic Church is a force for good in this world, as Islam is a force for evil.

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