Anti-bullying advocate bullies Sarah Palin

The truth is, Dan Savage and those who stand by him know they’re hypocrites, they just believe it’s justified.  It’s justified because the targets of the Political Left are legitimate targets in their eyes.  Here we have Savage (apropos name) who sees the upside of cancer because Sarah Palin is a proper target to him.

Legitimate targets: Christians, Conservatives, non-minorities (unless they’re a member of another legitimate target, i.e., Ben Carson, Clarence Thomas, Stacey Dash et. al.), supporters of natural marriage, supporters of the Second Amendment, etc.

Illegitimate targets: Democrats, Liberals, any minority (unless they’re a Conservative), any woman (unless she’s a Conservative), any Muslim, any homosexual, etc.


  1. Over here in Australia I have no idea who Dan Savage is. Though this is the fake Dan Savage; I’m presuming this one falls into the category of “those who stand by him.” I just want to clarify that.

  2. A “fake” account is verified on Twitter? I’m presuming it’s the real one and fake was just a joke. (Fake accounts have been made before to be intentionally obvious it isn’t that person.) I still have no idea who he is, but I don’t know every public figure in the US!

    • Josh

      Savage’s real twitter handle is @fakedansavage, he’s clever you know.

      He is a gay gay activist. He made a name for himself writing a sex vulgar sex advice column and professionally bullies Christians and Conservatives.

  3. And yet the LEFT is who got all these federal anti-bullying laws in place

  4. bully:
    “a person who uses strength or power to harm or intimidate those who are weaker”

    I didn’t know Palin was weak nor those words were harmful or intimidating.

  5. Bullying is just as much the intention as the result. Otherwise all these “stand up to bully” campaigns are useless; once someone stands up to a bully and is no longer affected by it, then that person is no longer a bully? If someone sees a person as weaker (firstly, weaker doesn’t necessarily mean totally weak, and secondly, it doesn’t mean the person is actually weaker, they just have to be perceived as weaker) and intends to cause harm, intimidate, threaten or make fun of (the tweet falls into the last category,) then I’d say they are a bully.

  6. Josh,

    Surely, the intention without success is bullying, but making fun of is not bullying if the intention isn’t to harm or intimidate. I don’t see how that tweet could harm or intimidate Palin, so I find it difficult to see bullying intention.
    Sometimes my friends make fun of me and I make fun of them and it isn’t bullying.
    I was bullied at school for being a nerd, so I know the difference.

    • You think Dan Savage wrote s friends with Sarah Palin? You don’t see a difference between him saying he sees an up side to cancer because she might chew tobacco, and your friends kidding around with each other?

      What if I said Dan Savage’s being a gay man makes me see the up side to HIV?

  7. If you change “gay” for “unprotected sexual promiscuity” and it is Savage’s case, then no problem.

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