ThinkProgress blasts Fox News for lack of diversity

You have to hand it to ThinkProgress for diverting its readers attention away from statistics which actually mean something.  For example, this is what they think is relevant:

news diversity

However, I think this one is more telling (and more important):

news vs opinion


  1. I really don’t feel the need to get my news from a guy who is 1/4 German, 3/4 Polish, 4/4 strikingly handsome and totally cool. I just need someone to report the news objectively and without personal bias, regardless of the reporter’s gender, race or ethnic background. Indeed, I wouldn’t care if he was a lefty as long as he was reporting the news objectively, giving the facts and leaving it there.

  2. It’s disgusting how far society has sunk. It used to be that your success was directly related to your education or talent, but now days it ‘s related to your hue, gender, and sexual preference. Nice.

  3. Merit? What is that? Bean counting is what we want

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