Why don’t abortion clinics advertise more?

Ever notice that abortion clinics don’t advertise that they perform abortions either on the building or in ads on TV?  The suspected response is that they do so much more than abortions for mothers.  But if we look at the figures, abortion agencies like Planned Parenthood need abortion just to survive as a business (pun intended).

Are they ashamed of their business?  And yes, it is a business.  Despite all claims of being a Women’s Health Center or Professional Building, or some other euphemism for abortion, it is a business that needs customers.

Or why they don’t advertise that they’ll help cover for child rapists by asking no questions (nor call the police) when a pregnant 12 year-old is brought in for an abortion.

(BellibghamHerald) –An Everson man who impregnated a preteen girl and forced her to have an abortion must serve a six-year prison sentence, then leave the country.

Luis Gonzalez-Jose, 31, raped the girl at a home in rural Whatcom County while her mother was in the shower, according to charging documents filed in Whatcom County Superior Court.

He brought the girl to a Planned Parenthood clinic in August 2012. She told staff members that her 14-year-old boyfriend impregnated her, but she couldn’t give the boy’s name or address.

pp logo

Do any abortion-choice advocates have any ideas as to why the need for ambiguity?

(H/T: KLL)


  1. R. Nash says:

    They probably don’t advertise for fear of having their facility or personnel treated the way radical muslims treat those who draw cartoons of mohammed. You know, the firebombing and assassinations?
    That’s one predictable thing about zealots, their motives and excitement over sharing their christian “values”, knows no bounds.

    Unless your question was meant to be a circular and rhetorical question. But then I wonder, why ask it?

    • people already know where the mills are so that’s not really a demotivater. I am more inclined to think it has something to do with the fact that people will tolerate ambiguous signage even if they know what goes on there. Just like when they’re exposed to the graphic images of what abortion actually does, they cringe. It’s better to downplay it all and keep people in the dark.

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