Why do we fight evolution?

When discussing the origins of morality, most Atheists are willing to offer evolution as a viable option.  However, I believe it is obvious that the evolutionary process could not have produced moral imparitives.

A cursory reflection on our own interactions with others should make this obvious. We punish those who would exploit the weak.  We look down on those who put their own self interest before others. We rebuke our children for not sharing their personal belongings (a trait found in every child).

How does the person who would accept that morality can be explained through the evolutionary process explain the fact that we actively condition ourselves to fight our base instincts which we possess because the naturalistic process has placed it in us? Why do we not trust evolution’s outworkings in ourselves as it relates to morality that we have to fight it?


  1. First, I don’t think that morality comes from evolutionary process.

    But you got it wrong, John. Morality would be helping evolution and not fighting evolution, since it would give us more chances to survive as species. A cooperative group is stronger than an egocentrical individual.

    • Its irrelevant what might be best for a group when organisms are born as individuals and genetics are particular to the individual. If raping and stealing pass the individual’s genes on, then the behavior has worked– which is all that matters.

  2. John,

    The best for a group is relevant since evolution is particular to the species (which is the largest group of individuals).
    Individual raping and stealing lower someones chances to pass the individual genes on a regular basis. For a start, they are more likely to get killed by a cooperative group.

  3. John,

    That can be an advantage in non-social and weak females species.
    But we are talking about humans who are social and whose children need extensive care.

  4. Your extrapolation of contemporary women to stone age women is offside.
    Keep scoring in your dreams.

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