There’s no scientific evidence for the resurrection, so what now?

Why is it difficult to believe the resurrection of Jesus was an historical fact?  Is it because there’s no scientific evidence?  Is it because we have to rely on testimony, which may be inaccurate?  Is it because sages today aren’t resurrected?  I can sympathize, to a point.  I do think the resurrection is denied for reasons like these.  But just like God healing amputees would do little to gain long-term converts, so too would a modern day resurrection subjected to scientific inquiry do much to change the hearts of most skeptics.

Well, what if someone were truly raised from the dead today.  How would we test such a claim?  Let’s say a man were to truly die in his living room undisturbed for a week.  Let’s also say he were raised from his death and proclaimed it to all who would listen.  Perhaps some scientists took this man into the lab to be tested.  What kind of results would that yield?  What would the scientists be looking for?  How would they know what to look for?  Does being raised from the dead leave testable traces?  What if it doesn’t?

It seems entirely plausible that a once dead now living person might not leave any traces of being raised from the dead.  I could be wrong, but I believe those who die on the operating table who’ve been dead for minutes, or even tens of minutes don’t leave future biological (testable) footprints.

Given that there is a real possibility that no evidence could be discovered, we are left with only one option for verification. If the man were to die in the presence of scientists and be raised in their presence, they could report the event.  But alas, their testimony as a witness to the fantastic event is insufficient since the critics have told us that testimony is unreliable.  What we are left with is a group of people who claim to have witnessed a dead man being raised from the dead (sound familiar?) which we already know is not to be accepted as factual.

So if you’re of the ilk who “only needs some scientific evidence for a resurrection” and you’ll be able to believe, have you taken into consideration that being raised from the dead might not leave any testable evidence?  The scientists have only their word for you to rely on, is there any rationale which could be offered that wasn’t special pleading?  What would you do then?


  1. Thank you John for the advice, I was just trying to compliment the article with another one.

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