Voter ID and you

To be up front, I support voter ID requirements.  I can’t see any reason other than fear of reduced voter turnout for your side.  Maybe it’s because I live in a state which requires photo ID to vote and I’ve never felt encumbered or inconvenienced in any way in the last 16 years.

Many people get involved with certain movements only after they are personally affected by something.  Cancer charities for example.  Parents who lose children to leukemia often get involved in leukemia charities.  I have a feeling that if someone was the victim of voter fraud they would have a much different view on the issue.  Am I right?

If you oppose requiring a photo ID to vote, how would you feel if you were unable to vote because someone had voted under your name?  Regardless of whether voter fraud is rampant or not, what would your reaction be?  Do you think your view on the issue would change given how easy it is to obtain a photo ID?


  1. It is only common sense to require identification for voting. Otherwise anyone (illegal border crossers) can vote.

    • Glenn

      I am not as concerned with illegals voting as I am with activists stuffing the ballots. At least illegals vote their conscience and well being. Activists further an agenda without concern for the ramifications because they’ve bought a (usually false) narrative.

  2. I’m concerned with both. The illegals vote only for Democrats because the Demokrats pander to them. Illegals vote the agenda – not their conscience. If they had a conscience they wouldn’t be here illegally.

  3. When I turned 18 I was surprised to find out that you didn’t need ID to vote over here in Australia (apparently they can ask for it but I’ve never been asked.) Though on the other hand the situation is slightly different here because voting is compulsory. I don’t think multiple-votes has really been an issue over here, if it was I’m sure ID requirements would be introduced.

    Basically, if you try to vote as someone else, it will be noticed, because since everyone has to vote, your name will be marked off twice. Each voting place has a paper list of all registered voters in the area (even though voting is compulsory you have to register, thus meaning registration is compulsory though many younger people can manage to sneak through without registering) that get’s compared with the other lists; if you went in as someone else it will be noticed. However, there’s no way of tracking the vote, and if you chose someone at random, no way of tracking you. This doesn’t seem to be a big problem otherwise ID requirements would be in force.

Any Thoughts?

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