“The virgin Mary should’ve been aborted”

Regardless of one’s views on God, religion, or Christianity specifically, you’d think respectfully disagreeing would be a virtue to strive for.  So when I come across a Facebook page called The Virgin Mary Should’ve Been Aborted, it makes me shake my head.  I’m not Catholic, but vitriol of this kind really shows the deep seated hatred for God someone really harbors — anyone who creates a public social media page like this without a doubt abhors God.

I wonder what would make someone advertise their feelings in such a way?  I suppose it could be simply for the shock value or the “humor” of seeing so many Catholics and others get so bent out of shape.  But I think those reasons are merely a cover.  They wanted people to know in no uncertain terms that they hate God.

I don’t know if it’s sick, or just plain sad, but as of this post there are nearly 5,200 people who ‘Like’ the page.

facebook mary


  1. These people are wicked and evil.

  2. I agree with Glenn.

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