What happens to a person when they die?

It’s the age old question, everyone has considered it at some point or another. What happens to a person after the die? I’d like everyone regardless of their theological (or atheological) bent to answer if they would.

Secondly, and as importantly as the first, why do you believe your view is true?  What do you base this on?

Lastly, I do not want commenters to address and critique other comments. Of course clarifying questions asking for elaboration is fine, but I have a follow up post planned where rebutting opinions will be welcome. I will be moderating the comments on this post closely to prevent the address of other comments.


  1. Jeffrey Kraus says:

    A person is a function of a human brain. When the brain is dead the person no longer exists. In cases of severe dementia the person may die before the body. From our understanding of physics, in particular the standard model, see [link removed], we know there is not a non-materal entity that interacts with the brain. See [link removed] for an explanation of how physics refutes an afterlife.

    • Jeffery, I removed the links because it inhibits discussion if people have to search for your point. Its a major pet peeve of mine for people to assign me and my commenters homework.

      What id like is for you to summarize the relevant details those links provide in your own words. I want to see your view in your own words, not a link to another site that I have to sift through. If you think there is no non physical entity that interacts with the brain, make that case, dont send me links to search.

      Does that sound fair?

  2. wiley16350 says:

    A person dies, the body returns to dust and the spirit returns to God. At God’s appointed time he will resurrect the dead to face judgment. Judgment leads to Eonian fate. Eonian life or Eonian Correction. After the eon, those written in the book of life will be given immortality and those not written in the book of life will be thrown in the lake of fire. Which is the second death. At the consummation, God becomes all in all, defeating death and every enemy set forth and restores heaven and earth to complete reconciliation where everything is in harmony with God. This is based on the words written within the pages of the bible.

  3. After death your body will decay (depending on how you died of course). If you were lucky enough to pro-create, your genes live on through your offspring and memories of you might persist for a few decades (or Millennia if you did something spectacular!). So continues the unbroken chain of DNA back to LUCA.

    I have this view, because this is a sufficient explanation of every single death of any living creature on this planet. Mr Occam tells me I need no more.

  4. You decay. I don’t understand or recognize the delineation of mind and brain (ie body).

  5. What happens when you die?

    You cease to be. You are no more. You are extinct. You are an ex-person.

    I believe that because there is no evidence to support any claim of anything more.

    • So Z, is there any positive evidence that you completely cease or is it just that there are no indications otherwise? Im not arguing or challenging you, just looking for clarification and elaboration.

  6. “Positive evidence that you completely cease” make about as much sense as positive evidence for the non-existence of unicorns. There is no indication that anything happens to you after you die. Anyone claiming that there is must make their case.

  7. Jeffrey Kraus says:

    The standard model of physics describes all the particles and forces that comprise reality. Matter is composed of quarks and forces are composed of leptons and bosons. There are no unknown particles or forces that interact with the the brain or body that have not been found. That means when your brain or body dies the person that you were no longer exists.

  8. George Carlin reported that there was a sect that believed when you die your soul goes to a garage in Baltimore. Just sayin’.

  9. I have no idea. [ remaining comment removed]

  10. Breaking house rules (as TerranceH is) for a factual correction of Jeffrey – Leptons are matter not forces.

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