A story for poker players

I realize my audience for this post will be quite narrow but I have to share it nonetheless.  If you’re not a poker player, you probably know one.  Share the following story, they’ll appreciate it.

I am an avid poker player, mostly at the casino.  Tuesday night my father and I went to play and stayed only for about five and a half hours (I’ve been known to play for ten or more hours).  During the session I hit quads (four of a kind) three times, each while holding a pocket pair: 10s, 3s, and 6s.  The player across from me caught quads while holding a single 5.  And the player to my left caught a 10 high straight flush by hitting the inside 9 of hearts.

All on the same table within the span of five and a half hours.


  1. Shame you didn’t hit your quad 6s as the other guys hit his quad 5s. Any of the quads really pay?

    • Oh yeah they all paid well others were full. But mohegan sun has a bad beat jackpot so if I had 6s and he had 5s, he would have gotten 187k and id have gotten 50k.

      As an aside, I went back up saturday night and played with one of the actors from A Bronx Tale. One of C’s friends from the teenage years who died in the car fire.

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