Would you support legalizing infanticide? These people do.


Perhaps the petitioner is referring to President Barack Obama’s voting three times against laws which would prevent children accidentally born alive after a botched abortion from left to die.  Or maybe the petitioner is simply invoking the president’s name to see if people would support such an abhorrent think because he allegedly supports it.  Either way, if they know what they’re signing the petition for, they’re monsters.  If they don’t, they have no business having the ability to vote.


  1. And to think that these idiots are allowed to vote. People should be required to pass a basic civics exam before being allowed in the voting booth.

    • Didnt you one time link to a sample citizenship exam? I know people scoff, butbi dont think its out of line to ask that at the time of registration a person be able to know how the government works.

  2. Yep. And I’ll post another one I found. Average is 49%; I scored 100%. And that speaks nothing about me, but volumes about the majority of those who took the test. Pathetic.


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