Test your News IQ

Every so often Pew Research releases a News IQ quiz to see how much you know about recent current events.  It’s fun to see what you know and what you think you know.  I missed 1 of 13 (question 8).

news iq


  1. Well, I missed three. #5 about the Dow Jones chart – I don’t pay attention to that stuff so I just guessed – a SWAG.

    #7 population pyramid was again a guess – a SWAG.

    #12 – Since I’ve never seen a photo of any of those ladies, I took a WAG.

  2. I missed the one about the new CEO at Yahoo.

    How exactly did they do this survey on the phone with pictures?

  3. Huh. I got 10 of 13. Considering it’s US-centric and I’m Canadian, I guess that’s pretty good. LOL The three I got wrong were all guesses – I don’t follow the Dow Jones, I have no idea who the Supreme Court judges are (though I’ve seen some of the names before), and I haven’t heard anything about a new CEO at Yahoo. Haven’t been able to follow the news as much as I used to.

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