Is this normal?



Doesn’t it strike you as at all strange that behaviors which lead to the displays at pride parades are considered normal and opposition to such behavior is considered hateful and abnormal?


  1. The parades always demonstrate abject perversion and debauchery, and they wonder why we normal people don’t want our children taught it as normal in the public school!

  2. I have always questioned the legitimacy of such a poorly constructed strategy. I have asked gay activists for years why they either think this is necessary or, what, if any, positive outcome they could hope for was. I have never gotten a cohesive or cogent answer. Hence my children have never been to a gay pride parade. I also struggle with pride of any kind, so am naturally leery of something celebrating such a narrow bandwidth of human emotion. I mean if it’s natural……why the parade?

  3. I think that it is important to understand that gay pride parades are a caricature of the actual gay community. It is meant stir emotion and promote conversation about sexuality.

    Having said that – I think many gay people would probably think displays such as this are pretty ridiculous. Just like most Christians would agree that Westboro Baptist church is pretty ridiculous.

  4. I have to think that, though the possibility presented by Atticus might be put forth as an “official” explanation, it is more likely that it is merely an excuse to indulge in public lewdness. It’s like saying a sex scene in any movie that ever had one was ever absolutely necessary.

    But! at least one town has had enough. I hope other cities follow Dallas’ lead.

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