Still “celebrating” Roe v Wade

The Supreme Court of the United States, on this day in 1973 decided that elective abortion was a constitutionally protected act.  Despite advances in medicine which have led to the discovery that a new human life begins to exist at the point of conception, the practice of elective abortion still continues today.

The fact that the right to an elective abortion should be celebrated is disturbing enough.  But even worse is people who know the practice to be immoral idly stand by and remain silent having been convinced abortion is a ‘right’.

A majority of Americans consider themselves pro-life.  Also, a large majority of Americans also consider it morally wrong, yet a majority do not believe Roe v Wade should be overturned.  Why not?  What is it that stands in the way of ending all elective abortions?

U.S. Adults' Position on Abortion

Trend: Americans' Views on the Morality of Abortion

U.S. Views on Overturning Roe v. Wade

I often hear “I think abortion is wrong, but I think each woman should be allowed to choose for herself”.  I get it.  No one wants to push their views onto someone else.  But shouldn’t we in some cases?  If the reason you personally oppose elective abortion is because you know it takes the life of an innocent human being, why would you support someone’s right to do that?  Why are some people so hesitant to take action especially if you know what abortion does?

If you believe elective abortion is morally wrong, but still support a mother’s right to abort her child, why?


  1. I often hear pro lifers say that we should give up on overturning Roe v Wade because it’s a fruitless endeavor. Instead, they argue, we should focus on changing the culture. If we can achieve that, then abortion will fade into irrelevance regardless of what the law allows.

    I partially agree with that, but also partially disagree. I think the key to ending abortion IS changing the culture through well informed and well equipped people making a difference in their communities. But I firmly reject the notion that we should not seek to overturn Roe because it is too firmly entrenched in the law. I can think of another institution as old as humanity that was as firmly entrenched as any institution can be, and yet is now illegal…slavery. It is plain that we can not undo Roe today, but I think when the pro-life view hits a critical mass in the culture, THEN there will be real opportunity to overturn it. We just need faithful pro-lifers to be vigilant and continue standing up for the unborn and stay standing as the fizzling “pro-choice” advocates become more shrill and viscous in their desperate attempts to hang onto their privileged position in the culture.

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